Susanne Nundy sadly died in her sleep at her home in East Anglia on the 18th August 2017.

Best known as Anna Raccoon, she was a staunch defender of liberty, freedom and most of all, the truth.

As a tribute to her and her work, a project was created to attempt to restore as much of the original Anna Raccoon website as is possible.

Unfortunately the original website was deleted, so we have attempted to restore as many of the original posts as possible, including (where they are available) the comments, using files from Anna’s own computer (kindly donated by her husband Mr.G who supports this project), from Dr.Mark Smith of Edinburgh University and from other internet sources.

To date I have processed many Gigabytes of files and have attempted to restore the site to as near as possible its original format. However, please note that many of the links (in particular links between posts) no longer work. Many of the images also have been lost. Note also that currently the posts are not categorised any more, as they were on the original.

This is an ongoing project and I hope to improve the Archive from time to time.

If anyone has any further saved material, it would be most welcome. Check first whether the information isn’t already on the site, and if it isn’t – just contact the Archivist.


I shouldn’t have to point this out again, but this is an archived site. No new material will be published. “Guest posts” requests will not be entertained and will immediately be deleted, so do not send any requests. You are wasting your own time and mine.

The Archivist