Unfortunately the original Anna Raccoon site was deleted. This site is as near as possible to the original and consists of posts and comments that were extracted from various archives, including some from Anna’s own computer [kindly passed on to us by her husband Mr G].

Other sources include various “scrapes” and downloads made by her fans and from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

As the volume of material was considerable [running to many Gigabytes] this site was constructed using bespoke software which has led to some issues that should be noted :-

Not all of the original posts were archived and some have indeed been lost. However I have recovered over 3,500 posts [and counting] which is better than nothing?

Not all images were recovered, which has led to some anomalies, such as “caption competitions”, or posts that rely on an image to make sense.

There are some duplicates. Some are different posts where the same title has been used which is fine. Some are due to an apparent quirk in the Wayback Archive where the same post has been archived twice [or more] with different dates. Some duplicates occur where Anna appears to have re-posted the same article on different dates, resulting in an entirely different set of comments for the same material. I have left these duplicates in to be on the safe side.

There are links within the posts and comments. Those links that are referring to external sites should be fine [though in some cases the link has become outdated]. Internal links however may not work. For example invites to “leave a comment” or “reply” will not work. Links to other posts depend on the target post being available, obviously.

While every effort has been made to make this site as complete and as functional as possible, there will be some errors.


This site was generated by Richard from Curratech, and who also hosts the site. Whilst I am more than happy to cover the costs of maintaining it, some people have expressed a wish to contribute in some way towards running the site. Naturally anything above and beyond the cost will be put into a fund for the future.