Mornington Crescent.

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by Anna Raccoon on September 30, 2014

Shall we have a quick burst of Mornington Crescent to lighten the atmosphere? The rules, naturally are known only to me, the winner will be the person who gets the most wrong answers, Sean Connery won’t be allowed to enter, and neither will Willie Rushton. It will be as incomprehensible as ever.

Q.1 What happens if you don’t pay your debts?

Q.2 What happens if you contravene regulations?

Q.3. What’s the quickest way to get your hands on three quarters of a million quid?

No good. The answer as always, is Mornington Crescent.

Stephen Geffin has been playing the game with gusto. He owned the Happyvale Hotel. He filled it full of the sort of people who don’t recoil with horror when their feet stick to the carpet in reception. Or maybe they couldn’t unstick themselves to leave.

Camden Council gave him £750,000 at the rate of £130,000 a year to keep them stuck to the carpet. He did, they were.

In 2012, the Highbury Corner magistrates court fined him £4,980 in respect of a number of cockroaches and some sewage that was stuck to the carpet too – no mention of the residents.

He didn’t do anything about it – but the Department of Works and Pensions went on paying him £130,000 a year.

Eventually in 2014, Highbury Corner magistrates court fined him another £20,000 after a new inspection found mice stuck to the carpet as well.

He didn’t do anything about it – but the Department of Works and Pensions went on paying him £130,000 a year.

In desperation, Camden Council took over the running of the hotel and did the repairs themselves.

Finally, the Department of Works and Pensions stopped paying him and gave the rent money to the council instead.

This morning, bailiffs appeared and seized televisions, computers and anything else they could find to pay off a debt of £7,700. People had to run around finding cash – because naturally the bailiffs wouldn’t take a cheque.

Not from Stephen Geffin, stupid – you really don’t know how to pay this game do you?

From Camden Council – Stephen had been underpaid £7,700 in rent arrears by the Department of Works and Pensions – and they forgot to turn up in court, so he got his enforcement order to seize – the Council’s goods. The council’s assistant director of finance eventually emerged, arriving with over £7,671 in grubby pound notes to hand to the enforcement officer…and retrieved the Council’s computers and TVs.

Mr Geffin is believed to still owe £7,542 and a victim surcharge of £225 from his last court case.

The Happyvale Hotel is in Mornington Crescent…


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