The Bleaching Bishop.

by Anna Raccoon on August 25, 2016

Humble_ErnennungI seem to be having a ‘bishopfest’ this month. There are a lot of these Bishops around – due in no small measure to the propensity of ‘The One Holy True Original Church’ to ordain anyone who makes the correct donation to their establishment…

The Rev. Dr. James Humble has progressed from the days of this certificate – he’s an Archbishop now. He has his own church these days, which, wouldn’t you know, flogs its own ‘ordinations’.(£267) if you want one.

He is of particular interest to me today because he has neatly brought together the two major causes of spam in my e-mail inbox. ‘Forced Adoptions’ which the Conspiriloons are hysterically, vocally, convinced that I should really be taking more interest in, and ‘Guaranteed Cancer Cures’…

Let me take the ‘Forced Adoptions’ first. Down in sunny Southampton, an Englishman married to a Portuguese woman, were just one of those parents loudly complaining that their new-born child had been ‘taken by the SS’ (by which they mean Social Services, not the Schutzstaffel of Nazi fame!) in order to meet their ‘adoption targets’. At the time, I had several e-mails inviting me to publicise their ‘plight’. I declined, since it was a ‘one-sided’ story.

Yesterday, some eight months after the child was born, the High Court decided that he can be adopted by a new family.

They had complained that their baby had been ‘kidnapped’ by the council ‘in order to be adopted’.

She said the couple had ‘abandoned’ their son and no family members had put themselves forward as carers.

‘This child has been waiting in the care system almost from his birth … for decisions to be made about his future,’ said Judge Black.

‘The parents have abandoned him in that they have not taken any steps which would enable the local authority or the court to consider recommencing contact let alone rehabilitation.’

Good luck to the little chap in the future.

Whatever that future holds, it is surely better than being brought up in a family that believes that giving young babies enemas made from Sodium chlorite – otherwise known as bleach – combined with hydrochloric acid will protect them from becoming autistic. Quite apart from any other claims, it seems that both parents have fled to Portugal, refusing to engage with the courts, and refusing to make any arrangements for the child still in the care of Social Services. 

methode%2Ftimes%2Fprod%2Fweb%2Fbin%2F0d33fd0c-6914-11e6-b5c6-db979e28e7a6Piecing the story together, it seems that the Father was an assistant pharmacist for the NHS, who came to believe that ‘Big Pharma’ was deliberately suppressing cheap and simple cures for terminal ailments in order to maximise profits. (Gad, I’ve heard that one so many times!). Anyway, he left the NHS, signed up with the Church of Health and Healing, known as Genesis II, and embarked on a new career flogging MMS – Master Mineral Solution – to the desperate and the gullible. 

MMS was ‘invented’ by the Archbishop James Humble. The child’s father was filmed by an undercover documentary maker claiming that amongst other things, it can cure Malaria in four hours and HIV. Other salesmen world-wide, and there are many, make even more alarming claims. Notably those of Kerri Rivera who claims that 128 children have ‘recovered’ from Autism by consuming this concoction of chlorine dioxide. Even Kerri admits that this mixture is commonly used to disinfect swimming pools.

Following the sad death in Australia of Silvia Fink, who died after using it as an anti-malarial while sailing off Vanuatu in 2009 and the hospitalisation of several other Australians, the authorities there tried to stop the sale of the product which was being flogged liberally all over the internet. Nothing could energise the conspiriloons more than the suggestions that the authorities were preventing the unwary from glugging down bottles of industrial bleach.

Arrest warrants have been issued in several countries for ‘Bishop Bleach’, he is currently believed to be hiding out in Mexico, but careful to have his name removed from web sites selling the product on his behalf.

I just got a desperate letter from Jim Humble the discoverer of MMS stating that “sorry, but my name and my picture must be removed from all sites selling mms in any form. All of the jim humble approval stamps must be removed from every site selling mms.”

He further states, “This must happen immediately. Any time the attack comes if my approval is on any sales site that can be used to put me in jail. This is true in most countries as well as the united states, especially in Europe. Please comply with this. It is important. This must be done immediately. Taking my name off of your site will also keep you out of jail.

“I appreciate your help in bringing mms to the world. Now is the time to change mms to nothing but water purification drops. My sites will remain in place so that people can use them. They don’t lead people to other sales sites. When the time comes the authorities must see nothing but mms water purification drops. We will have to depend upon my book, radio, TV, you-tube, and other internet articles to tell what mms really is.

I can tell you what it really is – it’s bleach, around 100ml of the stuff being flogged at the bargain price of $142.00 Now only $98.90!

If you are really determined to believe in this malarky, can I suggest that you invest in commercial supplies. You’ll kill yourself much quicker and far more cheaply.

‘Big Pharma’ does its fair amount of killing people or making them sick (tell me about it!) but at least it is free. Not that you will convince the conspiriloons. The comments are classic.

I’d like to see the author confront a once Autistic Child that was CURED by AutismONE/Kerri Rivera and begin to tell that child that they are NOT CURED….LOL! What a PAID SKEPTIC SHILL this site TRULY IS! A LAPDOG for BIGPHARMA, Federal Conflict of Interest REGULATORS & Academia. DIS-INFORMATION ALL the WAY….I can just see the BOTTOM LINE dropping on ALL Corporations, because people are taking their health into their own hands. As if, just because the FDA DOESN’T approve a particular NATURAL Protocol as SAFE & EFFECTIVE, there is no relevance/benefit is absurd. WAKE UP AMERICA….the FDA APPROVES DRUGS everyday that KILL more people every year than heart attack or car accident or Cancer. SAFE & Effective has LOST all relevance considering the FDA’s stance on VACCINES & the 3 BILLION DOLLARS in settlement to Families due to Vaccine Injury/DEATH…Research VICP….Enough SAID!



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