We’ve become a False Allegation Society.

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by Anna Raccoon on March 31, 2015

A year ago, the head of the NSPCC’s sexual abuse programmes, Jon Brown, claimed that:

Deliberately false or malicious accusations {against teachers} are rare […] I know many teachers, especially men, are petrified of false allegations and the damage it could do to their career, but the statistics do not back this up.

Today we have a new definition of ‘rare’. ‘Rare’ apparently means 1 out of every 3 teachers. Over a third of the teaching population. 38%. However you like to put it.

Over a third (38%) of school and college staff said a member of staff in their current school or college has had a false allegation made against them by a pupil, according to an Association of Teachers and Lecturers’ survey* (ATL). And over a fifth (23%) said a false allegation had been made by a pupils’ parent or family member.

During their career working in education, more than a one in five (22%) school and college staff have had a false allegation made against them by a pupil and one in seven (14%) by a pupils’ parent or family member.

The statistics appear to totally ‘back up’ the fear of teaching staff that a false allegation will be made against them. Please note – these are just the false allegations, genuine allegations are processed via the CPS.

In the most recent cases, half (50%) the staff said the allegation against them was dismissed by the school or college. Only 10 ATL members said their most recent cases were referred to a local safeguarding children’s board or service, and only 14 said the police were notified of the allegation.

On the one hand we have a media which continues to parrot the received wisdom of the ‘victim’s lawyers’ and the charities dependant on a ready supply of paedo-hysteria that would like you to believe that there is no such thing as a false allegation, there are only juries that are neanderthal in their belief in ‘rape myths’, and paedophiles so cunning and powerful that children who couldn’t tell you who the current Prime Minister is, instantly recognise the faces of backbench MPs from 40 years ago but are too frightened to mention them by name – until they are dead.

On the other hand, we have a body of trained teaching professionals, who have daily contact with, and understanding of, the wily ways of children who don’t like being told to behave or chastised for  poor performance.

Several members said there had been an increase in the number of false allegations made by pupils, often because the pupils did not like being told off by school or college staff.

Several staff said the fear of false allegations was one of the reasons they are planning to stop working in schools and colleges.

A perfectly rational fear – if there was a 1 in 3 chance of your plane crashing, would you fly?

The people who are pushing this agenda of high profile sexual allegations, the paedo-hysteria which is on our news bulletins on a daily basis now, say that it is worth the ‘occasional’ false allegation because it is giving victims from 30, 40, 50 years ago, ‘closure’ and compensation. ‘Closure’ has always been available to victims – it is a guaranteed ‘we will believe you’ no matter how ridiculous your story that is new. The way the media has presented the rash of stories, anybody would think it was not possible to prosecute anyone of power or celebrity until now – not true, as Ian Horobin and a host of other well known people could testify.

What they are overlooking is the damage being done to the children of today.

An army of teaching staff – decent people who had been doing much good for our children – leaving the profession.

A child protection service groaning under the weight of the now fashionable claim of sexual abuse – too overstretched to devote more than a fraction of its time to those who do come forward with genuine claims of abuse.

A police force too busy dutifully noting down fanciful allegations of ‘babies born to order and sent to MacDonald’s restaurants by courier service in order that Satanic rings can abuse them whilst waiting for their chilli cheese burger’ to investigate burglaries and car theft.

Children left to live in dismal children’s homes for their entire lifetime because potential foster parents are scared to open their home and their heart to a child who has learnt from the media that the quickest way to get what you want is to threaten to make an allegation of abuse. A 2001 study by Brian Minty found that 90% of allegations against foster carers were unsubstantiated.

You might well say that the 10% of claims that were substantiated justifies anything – including the wrecked lives of the foster parents in the other 90% of claims – but does it justify the lost chance of fostering to all those children that would have been given a home with them? Fostering isn’t perfect – but it is a damn sight more perfect than a permanent life in a  children’s home.

A monster has been created by the media drive for celebrity and political prosecution – it may have provided ‘closure’ and a pension pot for some middle aged people who claim that their life of alcoholism, theft and drug taking is entirely due to the attentions paid to them by a celebrity 40 years ago – but it has done nothing but harm the life chances of a generation of children today now deprived of the time and attention of skilled teachers, care workers, foster parents, social workers and police.


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