The Last Post

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by Petunia Winegum on November 26, 2015

When the kids had killed the man, I had to break up the band. The sword of truth could once cut through the crap, but the blade is blunt because the crap is more abundant than it was eight long years ago. A medium with the potential to achieve the positive embarked upon a slow, protracted slide into the negative, sucked down a black hole inhabited by gremlins immune to sleep and fuelled by an eternal supply of venom and bile. On-by-one, each voice once sought out by the remaining upholders of justice has been silenced, abandoning the oasis before the gremlins reached it and planted their flag in its soil.

Since 2012, the saga that forbids any fence-sitting has continued to attract the outraged and the angry, but it has also attracted the worst of human nature; alas, the latter outnumber the former. The latter, for all their unhinged fanaticism, are a group united by one blinkered, tunnel-vision aim. In the other corner, less of a group and more a collection of disparate individuals with individual agendas; two sides of the same passion fruit, but the one too splintered by their personal fixations to unite as a group in quite the same way. And the disparity in numbers is akin to a solitary soldier armed with a bow-and-arrow confronting an enemy boasting the latest military hardware. He has fought bravely, but he ultimately cannot win because his comrades are elsewhere on the battlefield, fighting their own little wars against the same intimidating army.

Don’t give up the fight, some might say; but at what cost? The best general will lead from the front, but he will be the first to fall when the bullets rain down as his platoon scurry back to the safety of the trenches from where they can toss the odd grenade without having to look the enemy in the eye. The fallen general may receive a full military funeral and a monument may be erected to honour his memory; but will those who sob in the shadow of the cenotaph be shedding tears for his loss or for the belated realisation that they were found wanting when the call came?

Twice before, Sgt Wilson gave them what they wanted; and on both occasions he quit whilst ahead, the decision was his own and his alone. They demanded he carry on, but he resisted their pleas for just one more; his mind was made up; he never went back. He then did his best to walk in Captain Mainwaring’s shoes, but the applause was muted, rarely euphoric. Mick Taylor was not Brian Jones. Peter Davison was not Tom Baker. His feet were moulded from a clay-based mixture and he too failed his former C.O. when the situation was at its most desperate and the rest of the platoon had gone AWOL. The enemy was at the gates, poised to overrun the embassy, so Sgt Wilson fell on his sword.

Life is short at times of war, and no sacrifice is worth it in isolation. Why leave the warm bed with the warm mademoiselle acting as electric blanket to volunteer for a firing squad in the cold desolation of No Man’s Land, knowing full well there will be no last-minute reprieve from those who took but rarely gave? The war is theirs now; let them fight it. It’s not funny anymore because it won’t be over by Christmas.

Eventually, we all assume the role of orphans; we have to go it alone without the maternal embrace to retreat to. That moment has arrived and the big bad world beckons. You received the best of educations and you have been provided with enough weapons to protect yourself if the desire to fight on remains. Your choice. My choice. Her choice. Au revoir, les enfants.

© Petunia Winegum



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