The Minister for Global Porn.

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by Anna Raccoon on July 23, 2014

The latest Criminal Justice bill is a hotch potch of planning law, provisions for educating 15 year old girls in a ‘secure environment’ incarcerated with several hundred young men, and a bid for world domination in the Porn market…..the earlier clauses are possibly so sleep inducing that you didn’t notice the plan to reduce the national debt by ‘licensing the global porn market’.

Baroness Thornton, known as Glenys Thornton, is a Labour member of the House of Lords and is married to John Carr - one of the most outspoken advocates of limiting internet porn to ‘protect the children’. 

The Crown Prosecution Service has been reluctant to authorise actions against hard core porn web sites under the Obscene Publication Act. They say juries do not want to convict. That being so, the answer is obvious. Remove the need to bring obscenity charges. Create a new regulatory offence. Web site owners would be required to show they had a robust age verification mechanism in place. Not having one would be a crime. This is not so very different from what we already do with online gambling web sites.

Because most of the owners of the porn sites in question reside overseas the penalties for the proposed new offence would have to be sufficiently severe to allow extradition treaties to be invoked to bring people to the UK to face trial in our courts.

Such a new law could also make clear that companies providing any sort of service in connection with the provision of an online hard core pornography web site e.g. a bank or credit card company, an advertising agency, a web hosting company or domain name supplier for that matter, would need to satisfy itself that the site was complying with the age verification law otherwise they too would be committing an offence.

Lo and behold – we have his wife asking that the government:

Insert the following new Clause—

“Licensing of foreign pornographic services”

(1)     The provider of a foreign pornographic service is guilty of an offence if the service is not a service licensed by the appropriate licensing authority.

(2)     An application for a licence to provide a foreign pornographic service—

(a)   must be made in such a manner; and

(b)   must contain such information about the applicant, his business and the service he proposes to provide, as the appropriate licensing authority may determine.

(3)     The appropriate licensing authority may require an application for a licence to provide a foreign pornographic service to be accompanied by a fee if such fee is payable in accordance with a tariff approved by the Secretary of State.

(4)     The Secretary of State may for the purposes of subsection (3) approve a tariff providing for different fees for different classes of foreign pornographic service and for different circumstances.

It could almost have been written by John Carr himself, d’you not think?

It requires that in order to avoid a ‘six month prison sentence’, our grubby foreign porn provider (foreign being defined as outside the European Union!) must not only pay the Secretary of State the appropriate fee, but must ensure that his material cannot be viewed by those under the age of 18 within the United Kingdom – otherwise the long arm of the ‘Minister of Global Porn’ will reach out to Uzbekistan or Shanghai province or wherever he resides and extradite him to the UK…where he will face the full force of our new victim centred justice system. Should be fun to watch.

Lord Beecham, another Labour peer, who has yet to ‘find the right woman to marry’ supports this amendment – and another intriguing one.

“Disregarding certain convictions for buggery etc: making an application on
behalf of another person”

(1)     In section 92 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (power of Secretary of  State to disregard convictions or cautions), after subsection (1) insert—

“(1A)    A person may make an application under subsection (1) on behalf of another person if that other person is deceased.”

Whilst those who are falsely accused of a sexual offence against a woman will continue to find that accusation, baseless as it may be, on the Police National Computer and thus showing up on any enhanced criminal record checks, Lord Beecham wants a blanket removal of the names of those actually convicted under homophobic laws in the past’ for buggery against the under 21s removed from the record of the estimated 59,000 who are now dead. Those convictions have already been removed from the record of 16,000 men who are still alive.

Any suggestions for who should be the Minister for Porn and collect those fees? Will Oscar Wilde get a post-humour pardon?


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