First School Kids’ Strike? Cobblers!

by Anna Raccoon on May 3, 2016

proxy“Thousands Support First School Kids’ Strike”.

Sky Headlines, 3rd May 2016.

Sky journalists really should go back to school. They are way behind with their history – as any teacher who is a member of the Unite union could have told them.

Two years ago, hundreds of members of the Unite union gathered on a village green in Suffolk, with ginger pop and balloons, hummus and rocket sandwiches, stilt walkers and ‘inspiring’ Union speakers to electrify the crowd – and  celebrate the 100th anniversary of ‘the first kid’s strike’ in history! They even made a film of it – the ‘Burston Kid’s Strike’ is embedded into the soul of every left wing teacher in the land!

The event was so important that Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis were drafted in to speak to the crowd.

If you watch the film I linked to, you will see a genuine indoctrinated kid….’we watched a movie about this’…two girls, lived with a ‘rich lady’…and the ‘teachers got sacked because of their lies that they had been caned’…

Oh the evil influence of those toffs!

NO they didn’t! The allegations that two Barnardos girls had been caned was disproved – the teachers were sacked because they were at loggerheads with the school governing board – albeit for what sounds to modern ears as thoroughly altruistic motives. ‘Lighting a fire to dry the clothes of three shivering waifs who had walked three miles to school in the rain’….

It was of course, a classic battle for control between two early union agitators and the local farming community who financed the school – both teachers objected to children leaving classes to help bring in the harvest.

The teachers set up a ‘strike school’ on Burston village green, attended by 66 of the pupils – which lasted for for 25 years, making it the longest strike in British history. The ‘new’ Burston school was financed by donations from the rail and mining unions. The school is still there and maintained as a museum – to which adoring members of the Unite party make an annual pilgrimage…

Present day union campaigners say the focus on testing has left the kids:

 “over-tested, over-worked and in a school system that places more importance on test results and league tables than children’s happiness and joy of learning”.

A group of parents, nothing whatsoever to do with teacher relatives, or fellow union members, nothing whatsoever, says:

“We’re a group of Year 2 parents who’ve had enough… enough of endless testing, enough of teachers not being trusted to teach, enough of an Ofsted driven, dull, dry curriculum aimed solely at passing National Curriculum Tests (SATs).

They complain that ‘games have been replaced with grammar, playing with punctuation’ and that school should be a time for fun and frolic…

And so the chidlren have been persuaded to take a day off school – coincidentally, the very day they were due to sit those tests, thus ensuring that the performance of the teachers will not be comprehensively assessed.

For it is the teachers, and the schools, not the pupils who are being assessed here.  There is neither reward nor punishment for the pupils as a result of taking this test. If pupils are ‘stressed, moody, anxious and not themselves’ as a result of taking the test, as one Mother was complaining on the news this morning – that is the fault of the teaching staff. They have created this atmosphere – there is no reason why the children shouldn’t view the test as they would a game of snakes and ladders played after school.

Perhaps this generation might even grow up to be Sky journalists who know a little history…


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