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Friday Limerick Competition

The too-Coldingham Turbine…

Though a turbine to some may seem pleasing
When it’s blowing quite briskly or breezing,
In the winter’s deep chill
When the air is quite still
They need heaters to keep them from freezing.
If to own them you still do aspire
As the subsidies mount ever-higher,
You should know that a gale
May well cause them to fail
And a hurricane makes them catch fire.
And though you might call it a shame
And look for somebody to blame
For the money you’ve lost,
You have found to your cost
That wind-power’s a zero-sum game.
Which makes this week’s competition the topical one of wind turbines and ‘green’ innovations – do your worst!
Last week’s winner was Mick Turatian with this effort on deposits in the central banking area of occupy lsx protest…excellent!
Get in touch Mick and the Willie Warmer is all yours. (do check sizing, there have been complaints….)

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