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Here’s my Trump-ence worth.

Tell you what. I’ll tell you how I see it, and you can spend the rest of the day arguing about who’s right.
See, in the beginning there was only ‘todger’ based rights. The law of the animal kingdom. You protect the fruit of your loins. Your children, your wider family, your tribe, your village, your town, your nation. It’s very simple; anything comes over the palisade that is likely to harm them or steal their food or water – you shoot it. No moral quandary whatsoever.
Over the centuries, we have installed systems to deal with this problem. You can liken those systems to Doctors dealing with the human body. They are there to preserve life and do no harm – but they have no moral quandary about killing innocent viruses and bacteria. None whatsoever….
‘We are not animals’ claimed the intellectuals! ‘We are human beings, we have a higher intellectual purpose in life’. They decreed that we are all equal. A global community. Share and share alike. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a perfectly valid thesis that I have every sympathy with. It is ridiculous that the precise spot on the planet where you were born, or the colour of your skin, or your religion should have any bearing on your right to exist.
Trouble is, we didn’t actually switch from one system to the other. We left the ‘Doctor’ – code for our systems of government, finance, territory, you name it – in the position of having to equally uphold the right of the virus and the bacteria to co-exist in the human body. You’ve just screwed the system of deciding what is right and what is wrong. That is my simplistic way of looking at the world today.
Trump, to me, represents the voice of ‘todger’ based systems. Clinton represented the voice of ‘intellectual’ systems. They are both perfectly valid methods of dealing with the world. There are winners and losers with both systems. I don’t have a problem with either – but you can’t have the two operating at the same time. Chaos results.
I’ve been watching Adam Curtis’ latest offering. I confess he wasn’t my favourite person for a long time. I put in a lot of leg work to help him – and then Yentob lost his job, and Adam went underground never to be heard of again. I take back everything I thought – he went underground and produced one of the most remarkable, far sighted, pieces of analysis I have ever seen. He certainly hasn’t been idle, nor has he been waylaid by any of the fleas on the rabid dog’s back….he has produced an incredible piece of work which was snuck onto iPlayer without fanfare, listed simply as ‘adam curtis’. It is almost 3 hours long, and took me three showings before I began to understand it. Personally I think it should be shown on peak time, on every channel, until the whole world gives in and understands that their ‘special interest’ that they are devoted to defending, is so very puny in the grand scheme of things. We are all citizens of a global world. Whether Adam is right or wrong, and I am torn over individual items, he makes you think, and lift your head above the swamp for a few hours….do find time to watch it.
Planet Earth too. Glorious. An incredible piece of work. A reminder of how simple and uncomplicated life is in the animal kingdom.
Only 15 days left to watch Storyville on Weiner. A brilliant fly on the wall documentary, as the media takes a man with an amusing name capable of many puns, a thoroughly competent and capable legislator who does a lot of good in life, a happy marriage and a good father, an admitted bad mistake, and manages to reduces that to a broken marriage, a fatherless child, a competent employee lost – whilst elevating a tattooed would be celebrity to the moral high ground, selling lots of newspapers in the process, and oodles of tv time.  Educational as to how our minds and emotions are manipulated…(see adam curtis above!)
Well, you didn’t think I spent all day on here did you? I’ve got a perfectly good bed a merely 15′ away. I’m going back there right now. To watch Rich Halls’ ‘Presidential Grudge Match’ – I’m told it’s rather good.
So, Trump or Clinton, and how does the world switch from one system to the other without killing too many people. Or should it even be trying to?
 Edited to add: Rats. I did it again. Forgot to open comments. Sorry.

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