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The Clown Prosecution Service.

This is 18 year old Connor Jones wearing his Halloween outfit.
It is unlikely to be a custom made outfit, which means that somewhere a manufacturer has made several such outfits and hopefully sold them.
Wearing it, and standing with a group of fellow teenagers has just cost Connor £90 and a criminal record.
He was waiting for his cousin to come out of school in Caerphilly.

“I didn’t say anything to anyone or chase anyone, I was just waiting. It was around 3pm and the school kids came out.”

Not holding a baseball bat; nor a chainsaw; nor threatening anyone.
Just wearing a ready made Halloween costume.

Chief Inspector Paul Staniforth said: “Gwent Police will not tolerate such behaviour and anyone seeking to cause distress and potential harm to anyone will be dealt with.
In this case, not only is this man out of pocket, he will now have a criminal record which will impact his future including any job opportunities.

In 2000, crime figures showed that Caerphilly was ‘the most violent town in Wales‘.
Now you know how they arrive at those useful figures showing that they need more funding from central government to police their streets.
Now Ms Raccoon can get on with the post she was supposed to be writing for today…thought you might like this to be getting on with….

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