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A floundering leader I…


A floundering leader I —
A thing of i-sol-ation,
Of ballots, songs and banners,
And dreary Labour lies!
My manifesto’s long,
Through every passion ranging,
And to your votes a changing
I tune my supple song!
I tune my supple song!
Are you in sentimental mood?
I’ll sigh with you,
Oh, sorrow, sorrow!
On Blairites presence do you brood?
I’ll do so, too —
Oh, sorrow, sorrow!
I’ll charm your willing ears
With songs of Labour fears,
While sympathetic tears
My cheeks bedew —
Oh, sorrow, sorrow!
But if Trotsky sentiment is wanted,
I’ve Trotsky ballads cut and dried;
For where’er our Momentum banner may be planted,
All other Labour banners are defiled!
Our new members, in serried ranks assembled,
Never Tory — or they conceal it if they are —
And I shouldn’t be surprised if Judges trembled
Before the mighty troops of £3 In-fil-trators!
We shouldn’t be surprised if Judges trembled,
Trembled with alarm
Before the mighty troops,
The troops of £3 in-fil-trators!
With the usual apologies to Mssrs. Gilbert and Sullivan.
Feel free to add a verse or two.

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