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Quackers – now let us see a show of support for ALL the women involved.

I have written before of how this case has affected Mrs Griffin – DLTs wife.
I have yet to see an ounce of concern or sympathy for the other victims of Operation Yewteree. The children and partners of those prosecuted. They are genuinely innocent.
Stuart Hall’s elderly wife has seen her life torn apart; Max Clifford’s wife has suffered; Freddie Starr’s wife has seen her husband reduced to a shadow of his former self. Whatever you feel about the guilt or innocence of these men – their families have done nothing to deserve the life they must now live.
Whilst that equally applies to the families of all those convicted of crimes – few have to suffer the gloating, gleeful, media coverage that blights the life of these women.
Financially ruined, fighting a personal battle against cancer – spare more than a thought for Mrs Griffin tonight.
If you have any spare coppers – tip them into the donate button, and I will ensure that they are turned into as large a bunch of flowers for Mrs Griffin as they will permit – from all of us who remember that ‘victims’ come in all shapes and forms and some of them bear a greater burden than others.
It will be a pathetically small gesture dropped into her ocean of misery – but hopefully it will let her know that not all of the social media landscape is dancing a jig of victory tonight.
* Edited to add: I have removed the donate button from this post to stop you generous souls from sending any more money! 
I have just sent a cheque for £283 to Dave Lee Travis’ solicitor who will ensure that Marianne Griffin gets her flowers from you all. 
If I hadn’t taken the button down – she was in danger of ending up with hay fever!!! Thank you all of you. 

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