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Christianity, Feminism and Operation Yewtree.

I’m not a religious man by any means. Not in the sense of organised religion, or worship of a named ‘Higher Entity’. I don’t define myself by religion, by politics or race – people are/were generally able to spot a ‘wrong ‘un’ and deal with them. The Human Race didn’t evolve over thousands of years by the males of the species destroying the women and children at any available opportunity. I may not agree with religious doctrine, but most religions – particularly Christianity – are founded around the concept of forgiveness.

“And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”

Forgiveness is the foundation on which a healthy society is built. Forgiveness is the touchstone of most religions, and of most of the pre-millennial ‘Life Mastery’ self-help books and seminars – the sort of thing that can change lives for the better, and heal people.
By heal, I do not mean ‘The Courage To Heal’ picking of scabs, I’m speaking of the wonderful work of the likes of Tony Robbins (‘Unleash The Power Within’), Jim Rohn (‘The Art Of Exceptional Living’), M. Scott Peck (‘The Road Less Travelled’ or ‘People Of The Lie’), Eckhart Tolle (‘The Power Of Now’) and others – none of whom preach victimhood or the pursuit of grudges. In fact they communicate the exact opposite – and they certainly helped me balance their message of positivity with the brutal reality of modern life, of the future predicted in the 1940’s by Ayn Rand (‘The Fountainhead’) and in the 1990’s by the lesser-spotted Stuart Goldsmith (‘Privacy’)
Is Christianity being usurped in the English-speaking Western Countries? I’m not going to wade into the boggy waters of ‘The Rise of Islam’, but it does indeed appear to be the case that the roots of what I’ll loosely describe as Spirituality – forgiveness and belief in ‘good’ – are fast being strangled by the weeds of selfish narcissism and pernicious victimhood.
There can be no denying that this is completely at odd with the words of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, and that particular prayer is the bedrock of Christianity. Whilst the present witch-hunt can easily be seen as a Feminist war on men, in reality it is more that women are being used to provide the ammunition for a two-pronged assault on two enemies – forgiveness (and, thus, Christianity) and privacy.
The slaying of both Christianity and Privacy also provides an interesting insight into the manner in which the witch-hunt  has developed.
Three of the main ‘witches’ so far can be seen in an almost biblical manner when viewed in this way – ‘marmite’ entertainers Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile are/were all guided by their personal own strong beliefs and principles, ones that don’t sit well with the ‘witch-hunters’. All three were very private men, and in an age when the media feels it has the right to know everything about everyone, this becomes a gauntlet laid down.
Remember how, during the Leveson Inquiry, the tabloid ‘veteran’ Paul McMullan declared:

‘Privacy is for paedo’s‘ and that ‘in 21 years of invading people’s privacy I’ve never found anybody doing any good’?

This belief is the one of the Ten Commandments of the ‘new religion’ bulldozing over all else in this country right now.
The ‘Privacy is for Paedo’s’ doctrine was switched into overdrive when the media teamed up with the police, the legal profession and the CPS to launch ‘Operation Yewtree’ in October 2012. Founded on entirely unsubstantiated rumours that Jimmy Savile’s good deeds could only have been done to mask a lifetime of evil wrongdoing, they then quickly mutated to include any man of a certain age of whom they did not know everything. After a public show of support for the veteran entertainer by many of his fans, this only seemed to strengthen the determination of ‘The Savile Police’ who decided they must nail him to the cross at any cost.
Rolf Harris was convicted on no evidence of crimes seemingly on the basis that he – a ‘beloved children’s entertainer’ of many years – had extra-marital affairs of which the media were completely unaware. That then equated to a jury convicting him of assaulting a small child 45 years ago when there is no evidence to suggest he was ever at the location (or anywhere near), let alone committed the offence
The witch-hunt has now graduated to the current scandalous treatment of Cliff Richard – another man who because he values his privacy and possesses strong Christian beliefs that, in 21st Century Britain, have become completely unorthodox and thus suspicious to the minions who lap up the Mainstream Media. His cards, like those of others, were marked a long time ago when it was evidently decided that ‘The Good’ must be destroyed, if not by rumour and conjecture, then by perverting the law in order to achieve their capture.
Cliff Richard is celibate, unmarried and – for the past 30 years or so at least – relatively asexual and this does not sit well with a sex-obsessed media. Jimmy Savile never married but always expressed his admiration for the female form – this does not sit well with today’s media either.  Rolf Harris is married, has a daughter and admired the female form so much he had a couple of extra-marital affairs. That didn’t sit well with the media.
These men are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t – literally.
Jimmy said ‘God’ll Fix It’ – so much so he wrote a book on his spiritual philosophy. Cliff has been a Born-Again Christian for the past fifty years. Rolf, too, lived his life to a philosophy unsuited to vulgar modern mores. In his autobiography ‘Can You Guess What It Is Yet’, Mr Harris described how his life changed when he was given a book by David Dunn

“…’Try Giving Yourself Away’ had a profound impact upon me. In particular it crystallised my philosophy of being nice to people and giving them my time. The world didn’t have to be ‘dog eat dog’.
I also learned, as David Dunn had discovered, that it takes courage to compliment total strangers because they suspect some ulterior motive or that you’re trying to con them. When you say to a woman in a lift, “Gosh, don’t you look stunning,” or, “What a wonderful dress. It’s the colour of the sun rising,” you have to be prepared to be snubbed, or misunderstood, or treated with suspicion. But, if someone can accept the compliment in the spirit in which it’s been given, they go away walking on air. At the same time, you feel great for making them feel good. Everybody benefits.”

Jimmy Savile could have spent every day of the past 30 years of his life denying the unsubstantiated rumours about him and explaining the real truth – it would make no difference to what happened to him in death.
Rolf Harris could have come clean that he had weaknesses – as do so many ‘Rock Legends’ who remain far more credible and so very lucrative for those huge multi-national multi-media companies such as Universal and, as it happens, remain untroubled by the tentacles of the witch-hunt. He painted a picture of The Queen purely because ‘The Establishment’ had spent the best part of 40 years piggybacking the world of ‘Popular Entertainment’ and not through sacrificing his troubled soul to ‘The Lizard People’. It won’t earn him any greater understanding from ‘The Masses’ now.
Cliff Richard could open his private life up to all-comers, free to review his every twitch and spin since he became a pop star 56 years ago – the detractors, convinced by their own prejudice, bigotry and stupidity, would still bitch and whine.
Of course, folk also say “people only bother with them ‘cos they are famous” – my point being if they – the famous and well-connected – can be thrown to the wolves for representing something not ‘acceptable’ to the current drive for stupidity, then what chance do the rest of us have?
It’s precisely because I’m not famous that I have to speak up – it’s something that is being denied to so many others who are famous, and I have been privileged to gain the trust and confidence of one or two who feel they are very much ‘in the firing line’ if they dare to speak the truth.
It seems to me that there is a march very much underway toward a brutal ‘Nu-Testament’ and a very real war of ‘Good’ versus ‘Evil’. The question remains will anyone be able see what is really happening before it is too late?
“Our Sister, which art on ‘This Morning’
Shallow be thy name
Thy Queendom Come
Thy will be done in court
As it is in the media
Give us this day our Daily Tabloid
and forgive us our trespasses
as we were abused by men who trespass against us
Lead us into consumerist temptation
But deliver us from common sense
For yours is the Queendom
The Power & The Glory
Forever & Ever
(or did Beyonce get there first?)

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