Reverse Cultural Imperialism

by Anna Raccoon on May 10, 2012

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Yesterday, nine “Asian” men were convicted of conspiracy and rape of under age girls in Rochdale and Oldham. It is no surprise to me or anyone else who lives where I live.

I live in a dreary, post industrial East Lancashire town. I grew up here. It is a world as far away from “iDave” and the Oxfordshire set or “Milibland” and “Utter Balls” as it is impossible to imagine.  It is “multiculturalism” in action. That is to say there are white ghettos where the white underclass live, and “Asian” (really Pakistani) ghettos where the Pakistanis and Bangladeshi’s live.

There are no Indian or Chinese ghettos because they are largely middle class and have all become Consultants and Solicitors (a slight exaggeration but you take my point).

It is no news to the inhabitants of this town that this has been going on. In fact this is about the third such trial that I have heard about (and that is heard about, because the Powers that Be are very sensitive about letting such matters into the public domain).

But there is another side to this. Here is a link to an interview with the father of one of the victims of rape, broadcast on Radio Five Live’s Drive programme yesterday. The interview is just after the 5.00 pm news. The gentleman is clearly a free thinking radically liberal parent, intent on allowing his daughter to explore her own self, and confront important issues such as alcohol and smoking in her own way.

For those of you who are unable to access it for copyright reasons or because it has “expired”, let me quote directly from her wise and trusting father about what happened to her daughter:

“What happened was…she would go to the kebab shop with the other girl. They [the men] would be friendly, they would sit they would chat. They’d give them free food, they’d give them free beer, free cigarettes. All of this seemed fine….They would give them lifts…”

No, it is not. It is not OK to let your teenage daughter hand out in kebab shops with much older men who give her “free” food and ply her with “free” alcohol and cigarettes and give her “lifts,” you moron, it is a dereliction of your parental duties. You deserve prison almost as much as these rapists.

On another front, there have been plenty of voices keen to distinguish the crime from race and culture. The Police, for example, insist race was not an element of the case.

It is an open secret that Pakistani Muslim men target stupid, feckless white teenage girls.

There is a significant problem amongst some sections of working class Muslim men of Pakistani and in this case Afghan background. Most of the men involved in these crimes were married with children. These men, however, look at these young white girls as unclean from the start. They are “Kafir”, non-Muslim, and thus of no account anyway. The fact that they can be bribed or pressured in sex with the aid of booze and cigarettes (and in plain terms raped) just proves the point.

This case represents in a wider sense an act of priapic cultural victory by an immigrant community over the white underclass, which is doomed.

Well done, Britain. Thanks a lot.



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