Two and Two makes Five.

by Anna Raccoon on March 18, 2011

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And two wrongs make a right, and other examples of common sense turned upside down.

A quorum of hawks was assembled and all agreed that even though they couldn’t afford the bullets, the right and proper thing for them to do was to kill some of Gaddafi’s citizens for him.

Only the citizens who are supporting him of course, they won’t mean to kill any of the citizens who oppose him – unless they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s all dressed up in something called a ‘no-fly zone’, which like all euphemisms is meaningless. What they mean is only the planes we approve of will be allowed to fly. Like ours. Then common sense will be turned on its head, and because it is so totally, utterly abhorrent and wrong that Gaddafi should kill Libyans in Libya, the US, Britain and France, will kill Libyans in Libya, because that is the right thing to do.

You see, Gaddafi’s problem is that he’s been killing the wrong sort of Libyans. They may all look the same to you and me, but this is the thought police writ large – some Libyans have the right thoughts in their heads, and some have the wrong thoughts. It is perfectly OK to kill the Libyans with the wrong thoughts in their heads. Didn’t a quorum of hawks just agree on that?

Now Gaddafi thinks the ones with the wrong thoughts in their heads are the ones in Benghazi, the ones who like some errant Muslims in Afghanistan, think that the way to change the country they are living in, is to plant bombs, kill policemen, shoot planes out of the sky. We British, we call them terrorists, and we lock them up without a trial, even bomb them from the air. Sometimes we exchange them with the country they come from – like Libya – in return for some oil. We close our eyes for a few minutes, and when we open them, we have cheap petrol, and they have a martyred hero back home. Miraculous.

If Gaddafi had had the sense to join the nato forces and bomb Afghani’s rebels – he could have bombed from the sky to his hearts content; instead of which, he used his tanks to shoot the one-man’s-terrorist-is-another-man’s-rebels in Benghazi.

Big mistake Gaddafi. Benghazi rebels are the wrong sort of Libyans to kill. That’s not like killing Al Kharma Libyans. Or even Kabul rebels. It’s not that bombing people from the sky is wrong, it’s not even that bombing people who are trying to take over a government by force is wrong, nor even bombing Libyans, you just don’t get it do you? You can’t go around bombing people we could have done business with. The Benghazi rebels are the ones we could have bought oil from with no more talk of Al-Megrahi. We’d even sent a diplomatic mission out to meet them.

Even some Libertarians are now saying it is perfectly OK to kill Libyans, so long as they are the right sort of wrong thinking Libyans.

Gaddafi is not stupid, no sooner had the hawks decided all this than he announced that he wouldn’t kill Libyans from the air any more, he would just aim howitzers and mortars at them.

We have decided that we will only kill Libyans from the air.

We are watching him carefully; so long as he only kills wrong thinking Libyans that we can’t possibly buy oil from then we will leave him alone to get on with it, but if he harms one hair on the head of a right thinking Libyan, even Libertarians are happy to demand the right to kill Libyans for him.

If I were a Libyan gunman, I’d be out there writing ‘psst, wanna buy some oil’ on the back on my tank, before any nato pilots get confused with the morality of who it is OK to bomb from the sky.

Half of them will be fresh from Afghanistan where it is the rebels they are supposed to be bombing. They all look the same from 3,000 feet up…….

Obviously keeping our nose out of it all didn’t appeal to our glorious government.

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