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Wimmins Rights

Odour Cologne.

‘Taharrush gamea’ – it sounds like a sexually transmitted disease; a cross between Thrush and Gonorrhea. It is a word you will become only too familiar with in the coming weeks. Taharrush gamea is spreading like the plague across Europe. It is an Arabic word, one that originally referred to the sexual molestation of children. In the heady [...]

Release the ‘Booze Hound’ from Anonymity!

Would you give Louis Richardson a job? Reading History, head of the Debating Society, member of the Conservative Party, a confident, presentable, appearance; he should score well as you sift through the initial pile of CVs – until you come to the results of HR’s trawl through social media, an essential check in today’s world. [...]

Trigger Mortis.

One of the most chilling images in Orwell’s dystopian Oceania was the army of young ‘Spies’; the children who struck terror into adult hearts by threatening to expose any deviation from approved behaviour. ‘You’re a traitor!’ yelled the boy. ‘You’re a thought-criminal! You’re a Eurasian spy! I’ll shoot you, I’ll vaporise you, I’ll send you [...]

Is that a Gun in your pocket?

Or are you still ‘transitioning’ Officer? – As Ms West might have been forced to inquire these days. An armed MoD police officer making the delicate transition from male to female, had his/her gun licence suspended – the MoD has now made a ‘small ex-gratia payment’ to the officer concerned, ahead of an employment tribunal, [...]

Predictive Policing and ‘Allegator’ Algorithms.

Traditional Policing has always paid attention to crime ‘hot spots’. Keeping an eye on the ATM machine where several muggings have occurred over the previous few weeks; Making a regular ‘drive by’ a park where a rapist is known to have operated. It makes sense. Kansas City police have taken this to a new level. [...]

Fat Bottomed Girls and Boozy Memories.

Academics never fail to amaze me with their innovative methods of acquiring grants to study yet another obscure subject. I well remember writing a post on the obscene size of the grant obtained by some American academics to spend a year studying the whale’s penis and whether it was best suited for its task…no female [...]

The Palliasse with the Ass on top…!

Even in the US, the land of the American dream, it can be hard to make your mark on the world when you come from humble beginnings. Palliasse was of just such humble origins, from the wrong side of the Mall. He was a palliasse of colour, light blue to be exact; crudely described as ‘thick’ [...]

Living in Fear of the Clap.

Feminism and Twitter are unhappy bedfellows. Twitter is not best suited as ‘a space where Feminists can safely explore intersectionality’, a term first coined by the US Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe the differing oppression your average vulnerable female can experience as a result of race, gender, class, or ability. In fact, should you feel yourself [...]

Tuff on Rape, Tuff on the Consequences of Rape.

I have never stumbled drunkenly into the hotel room of a Premiership footballer in the early hours of the morning to listen to his collection of ‘Changed Direction’ CDs. I have never wandered the streets of Newcastle at 2am, dressed only in the remnants of my Ibiza ‘ravewear’ and asked an unlicensed taxi to take [...]

Modern British life!

One of these images illustrates the work of an ‘artistic radical with a cool intellectual agenda’ being an ‘iconic portrait of a complex allegorical description of modern British life’. It has graced the home of ‘style experts’ such as Elton John and is now owned by the Tate gallery. The other is so offensive that [...]