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Wimmins Rights

On Yer Ched, Evans!

The partisan reporting from all aspects of the media this morning, has resulted in headlines such as ‘Fury of women’s groups as footballer is cleared in retrial’. Football forums have disappeared under a deluge of derogatory comments regarding the sexual behaviour of the young girl. The most pertinent fact regarding the introduction of new evidence into [...]

Exclusive – Lynne Owens, Surrey Police, and the ‘Arrest First Policy’ – Pt 294.

I was keen to know how Lynne Owens’ policy in respect of alleged sex offenders was actually reflected in the crime figures for Surrey. This is a follow-up post to my various posts on the subject of the ‘Arrest First – Investigate Later’ policy adhered to by Surrey Police at the request of their then [...]

Exclusive Update:Lynne Owens and Surrey Police – Pt 264.

It has been a long time in gestation. It was back in February when I discovered a dropbox belonging to one Kevin Hurley, then Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey. Mr Hurley, at that time, had been rather keen to dispense with the services of Lynne Owens as his Chief Constable. He accused her of [...]

Southwest of Salem.

Remember the days, not so long ago, when to suggest that there existed such a thing as a ‘false sexual allegation’ saw you under siege on Twitter for days on end? It was a ‘vile’ suggestion which could only come from someone who was a ‘paedo-supporter’ and who must be hounded into ignominy? Remember the [...]

The Morality Police.

The natty uniform of the Saudi ‘morality police’. Plenty of doughnut room. What is a Police Force to do with falling crime figures? Not enough murder and property theft to go round the employees? Start shedding unionised employees? Accept lower pay? Eat more doughnuts? Learn to live with the fate of the Liverpool dockers? Or [...]

“Being wrongly accused of rape is no minor slight”.

Alexander Economou – Not Guilty of Harassment! The Economou/de Freitas story was destined to attract global attention in these feminista times. He said/she said has become the bread and butter of the media – but ‘he said’ followed by the suggestion that she was so distraught at the full weight of #Ibelieveher failing to kick in [...]

The Archer’s hitting the Feminist ‘G’ spot.

“Switch off from Archers’ victim Helen and you’re no better than those who ignore domestic abuse in real life” That is the damning opinion of Polly Neate, Chief Executive of ‘Women’s Aid. Confused that Helen is the victim here, when it was Rob who was stabbed? You are supposed to be; this Archers’ storyline has been [...]

Feminists fail to turn a Trick over Jesus’ Cock.

Where is Germaine Greer when you need her? Radegund was quite a gal – born in 520, daughter of a King of Thuringia, she was brought up in a household of warring murderous brothers fit to rival the Borgias. Eventually she was married off to one of the family – but when the last of [...]

Dignity and Depravity.

A thought has been buzzing around in my head for some time now – you’ll just have to bear with me. Nothing else will get written until I rid my brain of it. No, this isn’t a post about ‘cancer’ – though that is where the brain weevil stems from. It was during the process [...]

Surrey Police and Lynne Owens.

If Surrey Police appear at times to have a symbiotic relationship with the Metropolitan Police, it could date back to the days when districts like Epsom, Elmbridge and Reigate were the province of the Metropolitan Police, and were only handed over to Surrey for policing a mere 15 years ago. This action effectively increased the [...]