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Non, je ne regrette rien…

Long ago, a woman called Rosie Swale-Pope wrote a book which became famous briefly in the 70s. I, along with every other woman of my generation read it eagerly. Rosie had sailed around the world with her husband, given birth to her son on board – it was the epitome of the opportunities available to [...]

Parish Notice.

How about some good news for a change? Ms Raccoon won’t be resigning any time soon. My last scan was a success. Correction, my last scan was a flippin’ disaster – but the result was a success! I have no ‘new’ tumours, and the ‘unlucky 13’ I do have are still working away, but very [...]

Swallows and Amazons.

Gosh! Was it really 60 years ago today that I was eight years old? Did the sun really shine all day in June back then? Did I really cycle from Westleton to Dunwich day after day, spending nights in a one man army tent on my father’s old ‘camp’ bed? Did the cafe on Dunwich [...]

‘Raccoon! A’home!’

Yes. Well. We slipped our moorings early Sunday morning. Our ropes were coiled, our fenders stowed. The decks had been scrubbed before dawn. There was probably a belay pin somewhere, who knows. I’d never seen Cap’n G is his previously natural habitat. I’d always imagined that this creature sired by Lincolnshire farmers was built the way he [...]

‘Victual’ Reality.

One of the difficulties of being a ‘one-man band’ running a site such as this, is that I have no ‘newsroom’ colleagues with whom I can discuss contentious matters that I cannot post – either because they are the subject of injunctions, or because information has been entrusted to me on a confidential basis for [...]

Dunnit, Dunnit, Dunnit.

I do not care what anybody says about blowing my own trumpet – ahm that reet proud o’ meself! But amusingly – in collecting the paperwork, I managed to kick off an entire ‘Brexit/anti-EU’ argument in the centre! They only tried to palm me off with a 1500m certificate! 64 times 25 metres is 1600m….even [...]

The Pachyderm in the Palliative Care room…

Just as no one would read a ‘Baby rearing’ book until the prospect of parenthood was bearing down upon them – so we all adept at ignoring the literature regarding Palliative Care until we become personally involved in either our own death or that of someone close. I had thought it axiomatic that the difference [...]

The Dangers of Internet Dating.

The BBC continues its mission to ramp up the dangers posed by the Internet, as opposed to the dangers of cosy old Aunty Beeb…. As it happens (and you might have guessed) Ms Raccoon had early, very early experience of ‘computer dating’. From the profitable side of the business. As you also might have guessed…why [...]

Parish Notice.

Ms Raccoon would like to apologise for leaving you all in the dark last week – and to thank you for behaving so well with no one watching over you. I have had several e-mails asking me whether it would be possible for someone to post an update next time I keel over, so that [...]

Truth is the first casualty.

As the media gird their loins for days and weeks worth of satisfying bleeding, crying, heart-rending front pages, one question stands out ‘How could young men become so radicalised that they turn into suicide bombers’. We seem to be forgetting that we in the West also have a society where young men are prepared to [...]