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The NHS that you really, really, want!

In 1948, in a country ravaged by years of war in Europe, a remarkably simple idea was born. Doctors, nurses, and hospitals would come together under one umbrella, to provide health care, free at the point of delivery, to every citizen of the United Kingdom, regardless of their means. It was to be financed by a [...]

The Levellers are back in Islington.

Yesterday, I said that one of the things I loved about running this blog was the amount of new knowledge I acquired along the way. No sooner said than done. I have been fascinated by the way in which Jeremy Corbyn and I are on a level playing field. He may be better known to you [...]

Here’s my Trump-ence worth.

Tell you what. I’ll tell you how I see it, and you can spend the rest of the day arguing about who’s right. See, in the beginning there was only ‘todger’ based rights. The law of the animal kingdom. You protect the fruit of your loins. Your children, your wider family, your tribe, your village, [...]

Parish Newsletter of St Raccoon’s with Bleeding Heart.

A warm welcome to the newest members of our congregation, Ali Mustapha-anuvver and his husband Ali Mustapha-anuvver-relative-somewhere. May they live in peace amongst us, and instil us with the wisdom of their ancient ways. Our little congregation has finally been blessed with the child refugee that we had pleaded with the authorities to be allowed [...]

Between Iraq and a hard place.

Grown men don’t cry. They did. That day. 50 years ago. Those who were born or reached maturity after 1966 will not understand the world of that time; no mobile phones, no internet, no rolling news, we had not been groomed by the nightly parade of Sky’s ‘anything with blood’ version of the national news. [...]

On Yer Ched, Evans!

The partisan reporting from all aspects of the media this morning, has resulted in headlines such as ‘Fury of women’s groups as footballer is cleared in retrial’. Football forums have disappeared under a deluge of derogatory comments regarding the sexual behaviour of the young girl. The most pertinent fact regarding the introduction of new evidence into [...]


Marmgate is over. The threat to the British nation posed by one web site, belonging to one supermarket, no longer offering to deliver a jar of Marmite that very day, has been lifted. Never in the history of half eaten jars of distinctly unpalatable foodstuffs having to be sourced from other shops has the British [...]

The Clown Prosecution Service.

This is 18 year old Connor Jones wearing his Halloween outfit. It is unlikely to be a custom made outfit, which means that somewhere a manufacturer has made several such outfits and hopefully sold them. Wearing it, and standing with a group of fellow teenagers has just cost Connor £90 and a criminal record. He [...]

Watch the Coppers, and the Pounds will roll in…

Ms Raccoon was distracted this morning by a fascinating portal called ‘Bluelight.eu-supply.com‘. Doesn’t sound that riveting? For a Raccoon who loves scavenging through official documents it was manna from heaven! A Raccoon could, and did, get lost for hours in there. Here is all the minutiae of the deals to supply police stations with doughnuts [...]

Governed by Consent.

In 1931, there were just 168,000 Britons living in India (including 60,000 in the army and police and 4,000 in civil government) – to run a country approaching 300 million people. In earlier times, a mere 31,000 stalwart Britons had achieved the same impossible task. A task made possible purely by the agreement of the [...]