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Compensating Issues.

The judicial behemoth steaming through the shallows of historic sexual allegations – currently with a social worker at the helm, but it is only Monday – is in uncharted waters. The treacherous rocks of stony-hearted conspiriloons lie a’port, individuals who will vociferously claim that every allegation which proves untrue is because ‘they’ have conspired to whitewash [...]

Nurturing Porkies.

Little Porkies grow into whoppers… Porkie Farming nearly became a profitable business. Back in 2007, a young carpenter registered a company ‘Ddc Contracts‘, to carry out a joinery business, along with ‘possibly’ his partner, Lorraine Smith. They lived in a  pleasant enough street in Kent. Hook Lane, Bromley. Within two years the company was in trouble – Companies [...]

Feeding Time at the Legal Zoo.

It started with a lie; a false allegation; a mendacity, a calumny, a canard. However you dress it up, it simply wasn’t true. 40 year-old Georgina Ray decided that the only possible reason as to why God should have chosen to burden her passage through life with the appearance of a bleached and careworn Yorkshire [...]

BrExaro means BrExaro.

The suppurating boil on the face of journalism, oozing vituperative stories, usually with a left-wing sting in the tail, that has been the internet agency Exaro, has, if one can believe a word that Mark Watts, David Hencke and Mark Conrad ever say, finally been silenced. Six weeks ago, Mark Watts was telling the Press Gazette of [...]

Charity Scammers and ‘Cancer Cures’.

I really wish I had saved all the e-mails I get telling me of the weird and wonderful ways in which I could rid myself of cancer if I was only to send the writer money – quite large tumps of it too! – for a supply of ‘special’ Turmeric to shove up my left [...]

Panama Gnats.

Hey oop! The media midges are on manoeuvres. Dive-bombing unsuspecting celebrity ankles; swarming with righteous innuendo; there is no escape from the garrulous gnats as they mix ‘tax avoidance’ with ‘tax evasion’ and tar every customer of the well established firm of Mossack Fonseca with the suggestion of criminal activity. An act that was initially described as [...]

CPS accused of suppressing police corruption evidence.

It would seem self-evident that London and the UK is the world centre for laundering ill-gotten gains – house prices in London didn’t reach their current stratospheric heights as a result of decent honest businessmen competing to house their children near to their ‘reasonably’ well paid work. Houses in London have become a commodity, a financial [...]

Batman n’ Robbin’.

There can be no sadder sight than a hot air ballon collapsing in ignominy. Speaking as someone who once spent some months working for a hot air balloon company, I know just how many hours go into stitching the brightly coloured squares of silk that become a high flying multi-coloured Saturday Swap Shop that will command [...]

The People’s Pitchfork.

Shock, horror this morning amongst all the people who didn’t read the Forbes list of the 1549 wealthiest people in the world – Oxfam have used the top 85 to depress us further on #Blue Monday. The top 85 own 1% of the world’s wealth! Nine hundred and ninety billion, eight hundred and eighty-three million, eight [...]

Quite a Thunderbolt for the Pope on a Sunday…

Not since it was revealed that the Vatican’s financial advisor, Michele Sindona, was a Mafia connected crook who had embezzled 20 million quid of the Holy Father’s piggy bank has there been such a catastrophic financial insult to the Catholic Church. HSBC has announced that it would ‘prefer not to have’ the financial business of [...]