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Is Homophobia suddenly acceptable?

Colour me confused. I was under the impression that any suggestion of AIDS being ‘the gay plague’ was the ultimate example of homophobia? Didn’t David Cameron and Nick Clegg both demand that the ‘horrific slur’ that was the ban on gay men donating blood, ‘in case’ they had AIDS, be removed? Anybody who lived through [...]

Last of the Dodos.

‘What first attracted you to Fleet Street, Mr Hack?’ is a question which has never been answered adequately. ‘Tis a toss up whether it was the proliferation of ale houses, providing refuge from the squalor, the rotting fish, dead dogs and suicidal humans, or the presence of Wynkyn de Worde’s hand cranked printing press in [...]

Nurturing Porkies.

Little Porkies grow into whoppers… Porkie Farming nearly became a profitable business. Back in 2007, a young carpenter registered a company ‘Ddc Contracts‘, to carry out a joinery business, along with ‘possibly’ his partner, Lorraine Smith. They lived in a  pleasant enough street in Kent. Hook Lane, Bromley. Within two years the company was in trouble – Companies [...]

Sam Tân and Gay Parents.

Not since Sam Tân stood in a whoopsie, which admittedly was only yesterday M’lud, a microscopic time in outrage land; has there been such a scramble to censor a so far unseen episode of ‘baby sitting for busy parents’. Sam Tân, for the uninitiated, was the brainchild of two Kent firemen; they wanted to make [...]

Who Owns Your Inner Secrets?

Whips in parliament operate by controlling information that individual MPs would not want to escape. The Catholic priest enjoyed a measure of control over his community by virtue of what he knew. Blackmailers work on the same basis. One of Scientology’s most powerful tools is the ‘audit’, the process by which a new member is [...]

Wow! Media coverage as extra judicial punishment…!!!

I am almost speechless – and moved to the second post of the day! An Australian judge has recognised that the media coverage that those with some vestigial claim to celebrity attract when appearing in court on criminal charges is a form of punishment in its own right – and has mitigated a sentence accordingly. [...]

Feeding Time at the Legal Zoo.

It started with a lie; a false allegation; a mendacity, a calumny, a canard. However you dress it up, it simply wasn’t true. 40 year-old Georgina Ray decided that the only possible reason as to why God should have chosen to burden her passage through life with the appearance of a bleached and careworn Yorkshire [...]

BrExaro means BrExaro.

The suppurating boil on the face of journalism, oozing vituperative stories, usually with a left-wing sting in the tail, that has been the internet agency Exaro, has, if one can believe a word that Mark Watts, David Hencke and Mark Conrad ever say, finally been silenced. Six weeks ago, Mark Watts was telling the Press Gazette of [...]

Their Satanic Travesties.

Yesterday, the long running saga of ‘delusional, obsessional, irrational and odd’ individuals who have littered the internet with requests for funds to help them bring to justice a supposed band of Satanic baby eaters and paedophiles based around a Hampstead church finally drew to a welcome conclusion. Two innocent children were beaten, bullied, and intimidated [...]

The Morality Police.

The natty uniform of the Saudi ‘morality police’. Plenty of doughnut room. What is a Police Force to do with falling crime figures? Not enough murder and property theft to go round the employees? Start shedding unionised employees? Accept lower pay? Eat more doughnuts? Learn to live with the fate of the Liverpool dockers? Or [...]