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Wow! Media coverage as extra judicial punishment…!!!

I am almost speechless – and moved to the second post of the day! An Australian judge has recognised that the media coverage that those with some vestigial claim to celebrity attract when appearing in court on criminal charges is a form of punishment in its own right – and has mitigated a sentence accordingly. [...]

Feeding Time at the Legal Zoo.

It started with a lie; a false allegation; a mendacity, a calumny, a canard. However you dress it up, it simply wasn’t true. 40 year-old Georgina Ray decided that the only possible reason as to why God should have chosen to burden her passage through life with the appearance of a bleached and careworn Yorkshire [...]

Their Satanic Travesties.

Yesterday, the long running saga of ‘delusional, obsessional, irrational and odd’ individuals who have littered the internet with requests for funds to help them bring to justice a supposed band of Satanic baby eaters and paedophiles based around a Hampstead church finally drew to a welcome conclusion. Two innocent children were beaten, bullied, and intimidated [...]

Corrupt Police Officers?

By 1988, Lynette White had been a prostitute for 6 years. Since she was 14 years old, to save you working it out for yourself. She was bright and bubbly, but had never progressed beyond the very bottom end of the ‘trade’. She worked the dockland area of Bute, in Cardiff. Her friends, neighbours, and [...]

Autistic Meltdown.

My interest in Autism stems from my days with the Court of Protection. There is a form, a ‘CP3’, on which the GP or Consultant is invited to put ‘simply’ the reason why he thinks his ‘patient’ should have his affairs handled by – in the past the old Mental Health Act – and every [...]

The Archer’s hitting the Feminist ‘G’ spot.

“Switch off from Archers’ victim Helen and you’re no better than those who ignore domestic abuse in real life” That is the damning opinion of Polly Neate, Chief Executive of ‘Women’s Aid. Confused that Helen is the victim here, when it was Rob who was stabbed? You are supposed to be; this Archers’ storyline has been [...]

Pampering – or Tampering?

Mr G was recently the unwilling recipient of the care given to witnesses appearing in court. He was apparently an ‘essential prosecution witness’ – if he didn’t turn up, the case would be abandoned. He received phone calls from a sympathetic lady at the witness care unit to assess his needs for the day – [...]

Victims and Survivors.

Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect… It was 200 years ago when Jonathan Swift wrote those words; nothing has changed, merely the pace and coverage that the falsehood can [...]

Rural police left ‘sitting ducks’ by shortage of armed back-up.

The Police Federation of England and Wales has warned the government the shortage of armed officers leave the country ‘vulnerable to a terror attack’. John Apter, chairman of the Hampshire branch of the Police Federation Mr Apter’s concerns come at a time when armed officers are under threat from a lack of funding. 1500 ‘new’ [...]

‘Saint’ Nick and the Fantasist Club.

Someone had a sense of humour at Operation Midland, when they psuedo-named their prime ‘witness’ as Nick. I am indebted to Bob Woffinden, in his excellent book ‘The Nicholas Cases‘*, for alerting me to the fact that ‘Nicholas’, before he became the patron saint of small children hoping to accept sweeties from a stranger who comes [...]