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Jimmy Savile

Oh! Revoir!

Paul Revoir is a journalist. At least, he’s portrayed as such on Journalisted. He grubbed around in the bowels of the Daily Mail for years, delivering earth shattering opera to his Editor: Film-maker offers to spank BBC presenter He went into overdrive as the Savile saga emerged. Article after article taking the ‘Meirion Jones’ view of [...]

Collateral Damage.

I woke last Sunday morning with a particular image in my mind, that could be aptly described as ‘collateral damage’ to the continuing #CSA saga. Within an hour, I had dismissed the thought as being unsuitable subject for a blog post. Too lightweight, I said to myself. Yes, these people have been unfairly damaged, but [...]

Never Mind the Bollocks.

One of the enduring on-line Savile myths is that the arch anarchist ‘Johnny Rotten’, as John Lydon became known, ‘warned the BBC about Savile’ in 1978 – but the interview was ‘censored by the BBC’. The sub-text being ‘If only they’d listened to Johnny rather than banning him from the BBC’. What he actually said at [...]

Starr Wars.

Monday, I managed to slip loose from the protective cordon that has been thrown around me – “for my own good” – and take the train down to London. It has been frustrating sitting here, behaving myself, whilst the Starr v Ward libel case played out in the Royal Courts of Justice. It was the [...]

Savell on Savile.

Detective Superintendent Jon Savell has finally spoken, albeit briefly. After 3 years of investigation into the allegations regarding Jimmy Savile at Duncroft, it amounts to 17 pages. 17 pages that are notable as much for what they don’t say as for what they do. Operation Yewtree recorded 11 ‘accounts of crimes’ said to have been [...]

Savilisation as True Entertainment.

The avowedly left wing ‘new comedy’ has spoken. ‘The time is right’. ‘People are ready’. Child abuse as mainstream entertainment.  An evening out. Dressed to kill – or rather dressed to listen to allegations of Child Abuse. It’s OK though – the author, Jonathan Maitland, fresh from his Finsbury Park success with the ‘utterly hilarious’ [...]

Savile – Battersea – Some Facts.

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by a journalist enquiring whether the Battersea flat, 240a Battersea Bridge Road – the basement flat in this photograph, was in fact the same address where I had stayed when I ran away from Duncroft, that I had written of here and here. “BATTERSEA BRIDGE ROAD, (WA) – 4 older [...]

Maverick Meltdown.

Our mirthless, Eeyorish, lumbering dinosaur of a national broadcasting corporation has finally managed to plant its flat feet firmly in the middle of a contretemps it cannot win. Astonishing remarks on Top Gear affair as senior BBC boss claims ‘Clarkson is like Savile’ and that ‘Jeremy has personal issues. He is self destructing… he should go [...]

An Open Letter to Max Hastings.

I wish I could admire you more. I admire your writing; I remember you as a reporter on 24 Hours – but I struggle when I try to admire you as a person. It’s the way in which your principles are indivisibly directed by your personal interests, carried helplessly along by your various friendships and grudges; [...]

Grim Fairy Tales…The Savile Allegations.

I was struck by the number of people – allegators – in the past series of Savile reports, who had contacted Yewtree merely out of a wish to validate other reports of abuse. In plain English – although they had no evidence of abuse themselves, or were fabricating it, it was out of a sense [...]