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Jimmy Savile

Why Ms Raccoon is howling at the biggest moon since the year she was born and taking no prisoners.

Other than a couple of days last week, I have been in hospital for the past three weeks. First Sepsis, then the effects of the attempts to cure me of that. I am now the original Christmas Turkey – being fattened up so that I can die comfortably of the cancer. The irony is not lost on [...]

Feeding Time at the Legal Zoo.

It started with a lie; a false allegation; a mendacity, a calumny, a canard. However you dress it up, it simply wasn’t true. 40 year-old Georgina Ray decided that the only possible reason as to why God should have chosen to burden her passage through life with the appearance of a bleached and careworn Yorkshire [...]

Parliament reviews Investigations into Child Sex Abuse.

Lord Lexden, who used to be Alistair Cooke, a fine author and researcher before acquiring his ermine robes, rose to speak in the House of Lords on Friday. He paid homage to Carolyn Hoyle and her team who steered the voices of the ‘other’ victims of the VIP abuse ‘hunt’ – that of the falsely accused [...]

Inventative Journalism.

Is ‘Inventative’ a word? I wasn’t sure – it suited my purposes as an alternative to ‘Investigative’ but I couldn’t find it in the dikshunary. (I do use one occasionally!) My search for the word led me down some strange paths, Tamil writers looking for the translation of ‘நிப்பிள்’ – it’s an ‘inventative nipple’ – [...]

Victims and Survivors.

Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect… It was 200 years ago when Jonathan Swift wrote those words; nothing has changed, merely the pace and coverage that the falsehood can [...]

The Slater and Gordon, ‘False Allegations’ Popcorn Show.

Around midnight last night, Ms Raccoon’s e-mail pinged with an exceptional morsel from Tom Winnifrith, the experienced and multi-talented financial journalist who was responsible for uncovering the frauds that lay at the heart of Rob Terry’s empire. That would be the ’empire’ that Slater and Gordon engorged in one gulp around a year ago as they sought [...]

The Savile Memorial Celebrations…

100 years ago last year, a bitter little man, a man who hoped to be ‘somebody’ one day, a man with his head full of the ‘injustices’ of his life, but who, despite his poor background had had an excellent education, albeit rusticated from his posh school for hooliganism, was filled with a revolutionary fervour – [...]

The Dame Janet Smith Review.

The BBC was off to a cracking start this morning – commencing with the ceremonial hurling of the sacrificial spent carcass of yet another DJ from the top of BBC Towers to the waiting mob below – Tony Blackburn. Although from early morning the BBC news continually trailed the expected interviews with the ‘legal advisors’ of the victims – [...]

‘Saint’ Bernard Hogan-Howe safe – but is he a ‘Pussyfoot’?

I have always been of the opinion that the age of ‘Savilisation’, a term I invented and now proudly watch as it propagates through the media, was a perfect storm of tensions between the media, the police and the charitable third sector. There have been spirited efforts to pin the blame on the Feminist movement, [...]

Necro-nonce© policing and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Every single working day of the past year; every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – and come to that – most Saturdays for good measure, a senior and specially trained police officer of the gender requested by the ‘victim’, will enter a carefully selected suite of rooms, decorated in ‘calming’ hues, with comfortable seating, [...]