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Proctor Gambles on Fairy Transparency.

Harvey Proctor has unsheathed his ‘sword of truth’ and come out fighting; unwilling to cower in the closet any longer whilst rumours swirl around the Internet. Taking the lectern in the Marlborough Suite, he issued a robust response to the allegations first espoused by Chris Fay when he claimed that Proctor’s name appeared on his [...]

Trumps, Tramps, and Trims, and Peeping at Tom’s.

Trumps. What Donald Trump actually said: “I like Mexico, I love the Mexican people, I do business with Mexico,” he said. “But you have people coming through the border who are from all over and they’re bad, they’re really bad … We have people coming in and I’m not just talking Mexicans, who are killers, [...]

Tuff on Rape, Tuff on the Consequences of Rape.

I have never stumbled drunkenly into the hotel room of a Premiership footballer in the early hours of the morning to listen to his collection of ‘Changed Direction’ CDs. I have never wandered the streets of Newcastle at 2am, dressed only in the remnants of my Ibiza ‘ravewear’ and asked an unlicensed taxi to take [...]

No Laughter Please – We’re British!

– And the 2014 National Television Award for light entertainment before the watershed goes to….Haley Cropper for playing so convincingly a trendy transgendered, terminally ill, cancer patient, terrified of the Liverpool pathway….before finally topping herself to Vaughan Williams mournful dirge….that’s what we like to see! Good all round family entertainment that doesn’t require lengthy explanations [...]

Outrage at Outage for BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster.

And lo! On the seventh day, was the Techdom of Provo built. They called it Endurance International Group.  A perfect, pristine land pulsating with technology. Encased in stainless steel, with na’er a finger print in sight; temperature controlled, its infrastructure an engineer’s delight of colour coded connections. And into this land, the Lord God of [...]

Tony Bennett and the McCann’s.

A retired solicitor who published claims that Madeleine McCann’s parents caused her death has been given a suspended jail sentence. Mr Justice Tugendhat said 65-year-old Tony Bennett deliberately flouted legal undertakings, given in November 2009, not to repeat allegations about the couple. He said his conduct was so serious that nothing less than a custodial sentence [...]

HP Sauce and an Apple.

Being a cautious soul, when I bought my new iMac, I double checked with the Apple store in Paris to ensure that all my software and hardware would continue to operate with my new computer. Looked up all the right words in French an’ everything, I did. Gave them the make and  model of my [...]

Leveson Schmeveson, it’s a waste of time and money…

The media will never change, not so long as the dual pressures of vanishing advertising revenues and 24 hour rolling news schedules to fill are in place. Leveson can invite as many ex-Prime Ministers and newspaper editors as he wants to spend an afternoon raising their profile and discussing their past ‘hurts’ at the hands [...]

Wheelchair access to the Blogosphere.

Lord help me blog from day to day In such a tort defying way That even when I forget to pray, My prose will be accessible. Help me find the pluggins do, As the legislation doth accrue I know the things I write for you Must needs be heard by others And when the blind [...]

Bugging Bugarach.

Life as the Maire of a small French commune can be onerous. You are a self contained one-man social services department, with responsibility for the welfare of all the inhabitants. An adult literacy department, with responsibility for letter writing and communicating with Paris in the event that an inhabitant doesn’t feel like doing it himself. [...]