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Homo Affairs Select Committee

I really don’t like Keith Vaz. I don’t like his posturing, his jumping on every available bandwagon, his readiness to ruin the reputation of others and the glee with which he does it. Which just happen to be exactly the same reasons why I don’t like the headlines regarding Vaz in the Mirror today. Some [...]

Trollie and I…

Ms Raccoon hasn’t had much of an appetite, the past few weeks, for trawling round her usual rubbish dumps. As you probably realised, I’ve been none too well. Hence I had an appointment for an extra scan this morning – and what a pleasure it was not to be having the two hour PET scan, [...]

Eurovision, Tunnel Vision, and other visions.

The Belarus representative of this year’s Eurovision song contest has revealed that he plans to appear on stage naked and accompanied by two wolves. Normally, Ms Raccoon stays as far away from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) as humanly possible. She is well aware that good friends of hers think that the Eurovision Song Contest is the [...]

Credible Witnesses, Navel Battles, & Hypocritical Whingers.

Credible Witnesses.  The ever gullible Surrey Police seem to have reversed their much publicised ‘arrest first, investigate later’ policy; this time they investigated – then arrested their ‘credible witness’. It was an unfortunate fact that the next letter in their alphabetical list of operation happened to be a ‘B’. Even more unfortunate that the first [...]

Their Satanic Travesties.

Yesterday, the long running saga of ‘delusional, obsessional, irrational and odd’ individuals who have littered the internet with requests for funds to help them bring to justice a supposed band of Satanic baby eaters and paedophiles based around a Hampstead church finally drew to a welcome conclusion. Two innocent children were beaten, bullied, and intimidated [...]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This is a well-meaning face. It belongs to Colette Yapp-Davis. She is, I am sure, a well meaning person attached to the Goddard Inquiry. I am equally sure her previous career as a Renewables Obligation Officer at Ofgem will have suitably qualified her to deal with some of the most sensitive matters currently occurring in our [...]

Jo Cox and GoFundMe.

Colour Ms Raccoon totally confused. Even as we are exhorted not to discuss the ‘whys and wherefores’ of her murder, and in particular, not to ascribe our own beliefs to the possible motivation of Thomas Mair – whose trial starts today, so please Raccoonteurs, no discussion of his motives or beliefs – but even as [...]

Cox Fighting.

Such an undignified tussle over Jo Cox’s still warm corpse. Who can make the most mileage in their chosen campaign by invoking her name? Will you be sending off for the ‘false flag wristband’ to show that you subscribe to the ‘she was murdered by M16 to try to stop the Referendum’. Or will your £2 [...]

Hogan-Howe: Cult Leader or Not in Control?

Boris Johnson is a fan of Hogan-Howe. When Bernard Hogan-Howe said, in February 2016: My […] proposal is for a clear public statement about our approach to victim testimony in these very sensitive cases. The public should be clear that officers do not believe unconditionally what anyone tells them. It appeared to herald a new [...]

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

Hopisen on MP Ian Lavery’s Home Loan – paid for by sick and injured miners. Robert Mann on the origin of vicious political advertisements. Bob Spink for Independent Police Complaints Commissioner? A small reminder from the ex-MP’s past courtesy of a real investigative journalist – Ted Pugh.  Hoaxstead Research continue to hound the fraudsters climbing on [...]