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Hollie Greig

Intimidation and Coercion.

This afternoon Sandra Barr published an ‘Important Press Release’ from Robert Green to his Facebook group members. As with so much of the information which emanates from Robert Green, a kernel of half truths have been nurtured into a forest of conspiracy theories and defamatory lies. Since those defamatory lies concern myself and have now [...]

Robert Green – Hollie Greig

I apologise for the length of this piece. There are a lot of facts to be laid out. I would also ask before you tell me that I have left this or that fact out that you refer to my original blog post on the subject – I have tried not to repeat myself here. [...]

Robert Green

A frisson of excitement ran through the blogosphere late last night as news of Robert Green’s arrest in Aberdeen spread. The facts as they first appeared seemed electrifying, a legal advisor prevented from going about his business by a Scottish legal conspiracy? Grist to the blogosphere mill. A little digging reveals more froth on this [...]