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Duncroft – the Finale. Part One.

One minute I had so many plates spinning in the air I didn’t know which way to turn and began to doubt my ability to keep them all airborne – and the next? Why, if they didn’t all magically float down to land softly, right side up on the table, looking for all the world like [...]

Nothing for victims: The £3million left in Jimmy Savile’s estate will be spent on lawyers.

Just 22 out of 58 payout claims against Jimmy Savile have been accepted amid warnings that his estate may be swallowed up by legal fees… leaving nothing for genuine victims  58 damages claims have been considered under scheme for alleged victims There are more than 150 claims that still have to be processed The £3million [...]

Savile – the Mail on Sunday Investigation.

How Savile’s niece’s demand for compensation led to police fraud probe: Her own daughter says story is false…how many more of the 211 claims for vast payments will police investigate? Caroline Robinson claimed great-uncle Savile abused her in front of family In 2011 gave TV and newspaper interviews following paedophile’s exposure But family members say ‘there is [...]

Exclusive – The Origins of Savilisation – Part Four.

Once the older girls had moved onto Norman Lodge, and Susan was back in her dormitory, she wrote to Savile – a ‘come back all is forgiven’ letter in her words, there no longer seemed any reason why he shouldn’t continue to visit her and be her friend. She liked him, he was a straight [...]

Exclusive – The Origins of Savilisation – Part Three.

Another afternoon, and the boredom of Duncroft was relieved by a coach turning up (Wot! Still no Rolls Royce? You’ll never get the media to publish this!) – a rather special coach with tables between pairs of facing seats. Susan was getting annoyed with Jimmy Savile – she was taking all the jealous remarks and [...]

Exclusive – The Origins of Savilisation – Part Two.

When Susan returned to Duncroft, she gave the records to Ms Jones, the head mistress. She found herself closely questioned about this meeting with a celebrity from the music business – she had, after all, had some previous experience of drugs, and this was not unknown in the world of nightclubs. She replied quite truthfully [...]

Exclusive – The Origins of Savilisation – Part One

There it is. Evendon’s Lane, Wokingham. ‘X’ marks the spot. I have finally nailed down the origins of the ‘Savile was a monster’ legend – the greatest media hype this century.  Today the site holds a collection of ‘executive’ four and five bed-roomed red brick homes. Once, though, it was the site of ‘Ed’s Barn’, [...]

“Nineteen and a big Doughnut…..”

Morning folks! Back from my hols, and fully refreshed, so it is back to work. A lot has happened over the past week, and I have been busy researching in England. Let me fill in that doughnut ‘hole’. The High Court case has taken place – and the outcome was not exactly as portrayed in the [...]

‘Reflections on Savile at Duncroft’

‘Reflections on Savile at Duncroft’ Edinburgh ESRC Project Securing a data set on allegations of sexual abuse made against  the former disc jockey, Jimmy Savile This project aims to secure data that might otherwise be lost, relating to allegations made against the former DJ, Jimmy Savile. The initiative for the project came from a lawyer [...]

What a Difference a CFA Makes! – Part Four.

Restorative v. Retributive Justice is a debate as old as civilisation. Restorative Justice is possibly the most fashionable at the moment, in that it focuses on the needs of the victim – and offender. It is a more subjective form of Justice – encouraging the offender to make repayment to society through perhaps community service, or apologising [...]