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Feeding Time at the Legal Zoo.

It started with a lie; a false allegation; a mendacity, a calumny, a canard. However you dress it up, it simply wasn’t true. 40 year-old Georgina Ray decided that the only possible reason as to why God should have chosen to burden her passage through life with the appearance of a bleached and careworn Yorkshire [...]

The Savile Memorial Celebrations…

100 years ago last year, a bitter little man, a man who hoped to be ‘somebody’ one day, a man with his head full of the ‘injustices’ of his life, but who, despite his poor background had had an excellent education, albeit rusticated from his posh school for hooliganism, was filled with a revolutionary fervour – [...]

Collateral Damage.

I woke last Sunday morning with a particular image in my mind, that could be aptly described as ‘collateral damage’ to the continuing #CSA saga. Within an hour, I had dismissed the thought as being unsuitable subject for a blog post. Too lightweight, I said to myself. Yes, these people have been unfairly damaged, but [...]

*Exclusive* – Mandatory Reporting and Meirion Jones.

Meirion Jones has long been an advocate of ‘Mandatory Reporting’ – a system of criminal sanctions for those who have care of children but have failed to report allegations of abuse made to them regarding those children. He frequently takes MPs to task if he thinks they are not doing sufficient to bring this law [...]

Class and the Common Girl.

Reading one of Moor Larkin’s excellent posts the other night, an excerpt from the Pollard report caught my eye. I had seen it before, but in isolation; now I was reading it again in conjunction with the memory of an except from Jimmy Savile’s autobiography (I confess I neither own a copy nor have read [...]

Starr Wars.

Monday, I managed to slip loose from the protective cordon that has been thrown around me – “for my own good” – and take the train down to London. It has been frustrating sitting here, behaving myself, whilst the Starr v Ward libel case played out in the Royal Courts of Justice. It was the [...]

Savell on Savile.

Detective Superintendent Jon Savell has finally spoken, albeit briefly. After 3 years of investigation into the allegations regarding Jimmy Savile at Duncroft, it amounts to 17 pages. 17 pages that are notable as much for what they don’t say as for what they do. Operation Yewtree recorded 11 ‘accounts of crimes’ said to have been [...]

Grim Fairy Tales…The Savile Allegations.

I was struck by the number of people – allegators – in the past series of Savile reports, who had contacted Yewtree merely out of a wish to validate other reports of abuse. In plain English – although they had no evidence of abuse themselves, or were fabricating it, it was out of a sense [...]

Black, White, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

There was a regular commentator on this blog who used to delight in taking me to task for my ‘privileged’ background, usually in disparaging tones. His assumption was one he was forced to eat for breakfast when I penned the Duncroft series of posts and he realised just how ‘privileged’ I had been…! Assumptions are dangerous [...]

Innocent until Proven Dead; and the secrets you will never know.

In this age of Internet trial, the dead are truly Damned. The slurping sound you can hear on the cyber waves is the sound of a thousand career conspiracy theorists licking their lips at the thought of the new culpa scandal they can brew. Leon Brittan is dead. Long live the Leon Brittan scandal. He is [...]