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Court of Protection

The Secret Court and the Media.

The ‘news’ has to be massaged and imbued with emotive content to interest the Media. That which most of us would consider ‘news’ – citizens jailed without trial or representation; pension funds raided; savings devalued; citizens starved to death; citizens arrested on the basis of anonymous information; politicians defrauding public funds, is not ‘news’ to the Media. They know all [...]

Love and Marriage, more or less than a legal contract?

Nietzsche, the German philosopher, said that marriage was ‘the will that moves two to create the one which is more than those who created it’. Throughout history, human beings have ignored the cold words of the law, and imbued marriage with a sometime spiritual, sometime quasi-mystic quality that transcends the requirements of the 1753 Marriage Act and its later versions. Christians [...]

Is God Unemployed Now?

I ask because of a headline from the Independent this morning that I find stunning. ‘Brain damaged patient allowed to die with dignity’, Judge rules. It is the way the article is worded that interests me – not that Doctors are to be prevented from officiously striving to keep someone alive – but that it takes a Judge [...]

The Rotten and Vicious Borough of Hillingdon.

From Hillsborough to Hillingdon in 24 hours. Here we go. On Tuesday, Mark Neary, Father of Steven Neary, whose battles with the rotten borough of Hillingdon I have documented many times, HERE and HERE and HERE, had an interview with the Housing Officer of Hillingdon. He needed to do so for several reasons. Mark is [...]

Feminism and the Joy of Sex.

I have been reading the case of ‘DD’ as she is known, yet another excellent example of the thinking applied to decisions made by the Court of Protection. There are several comments in the judgment that create unease in my mind, since they are based on assumptions. I acknowledge that those who live in the [...]

Rotten Borough? – the Vicious Borough of Hillingdon.

Social Services have long memories, and a messianic distaste for having their noses tweaked by those with more power then they. Those with equally long memories will remember the case of Stephen Neary that we so successfully championed on this blog. Steven was the 20 year old autistic lad who, Hillingdon Borough Council, when presented [...]

Court of Appeal Abolishes Magna Carta?

As 2011 draws to a close I felt it time for me to put pen to paper and write about the Cheshire West case. This is another unfortunate ‘Deprivation of Liberty Case’ in which the Court of Appeal felt the need to hold forth on the merits of locking up women (or anyone) without the [...]

Public Sector Perks.

The Devil is always in the detail. Time was when the only civil service ‘perk’ was the tea trolley merrily clanging its way along the corridors of power; they have become much more sophisticated at accruing ‘value’ to themselves. From ergonomically designed chairs to ease the pressure of sitting there all day dreaming up new [...]

Hyperventilating Over Paedophilia

Paedophilia is an emotive subject; banned in ‘polite’ media circles, it has become virtually the exclusive province of the Blogosphere. Every day – as Matt Wardman discovered when he took over my e-mail account whilst I was indisposed! – I receive long emotive e-mails, apparently addressed to half the world; Her Majesty the Queen, the [...]

Autism revisited

One of the defining features of Autism is the obsessive nature of repeat actions. Autistic children are quite capable of maintaining a week long smashing, grabbing, and screaming rage if they are prevented from carrying out some repetitive task that they have decided is essential to their well being. I am beginning to wonder whether [...]