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Court of Protection

Homo Affairs Select Committee

I really don’t like Keith Vaz. I don’t like his posturing, his jumping on every available bandwagon, his readiness to ruin the reputation of others and the glee with which he does it. Which just happen to be exactly the same reasons why I don’t like the headlines regarding Vaz in the Mirror today. Some [...]

Prurient Interest v. Public Interest.

Regular readers will be aware of my long standing interest in the Court of Protection. It was the Stephen Neary case, first published here, which opened the door to the ‘Transparency Pilot’ and the admission of the media to hearings of the Court of Protection – with several provisos. Not the least of which was [...]

Discerning Light and Darkness in the Twilight World.

The Twilight World, that chamber of horrors complete with trick mirrors distorting reality, and ghostly shrieks from memories past, that some unfortunate individuals are forced to dwell in towards the end of their days. It is a subject much discussed by the armchair diagnosticians these days with respect to Lord Janner – they are able [...]

Janner’s Janissaries.

Lord Greville Janner’s loyal family and supporters are fighting a futile battle to preserve his reputation in the face of the disingenuous statements from both the CPS and the Leicestershire Police. The CPS laid emphasis on the ‘evidential test’: The evidential test involves an assessment, on the then state of the evidence, by the CPS as [...]

Immigrants – ‘Gimme Grants’!

Immigrants add to the full richness of British life. There, I’ve said it. Now you can all land on my head and not bother to read the rest of the post. There are a plethora of articles on the Internet, joyfully linked to by each new entrant, extolling the many benefits that Britain enjoys by [...]

Mounting Court Costs.

Behind every great lawyer there is a woman – lugging an immense pile of court papers. Those papers are known as the ‘court bundle’ – and since april of this year, there have been strenuous efforts to diminish the size of those bundles. Nobody is seriously concerned about the health of the impoverished junior who has [...]

What Drives a False Allegator?

I had expected that I should have been writing a ‘Court of Protection’ story this morning, I spent the week-end bashing my head against possibly the most complex decision to ever emanate from the Court; however, the more I read, the more it turned into a learned and devastating deconstruction of a False Allegation. For those of [...]

Hyperbole and the Media.

The media, as we have long been aware, are selective when it comes to identifying the news which they think we should find important. ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ is not just a cliché. Two stories today, which have been pushed to prominence by their alarming headlines; headlines which don’t quite add up when compared [...]

Giving Potential Victims a Voice!

Blimey! You folk have really pi**ed off the authoritarian voice of social services. Congratulations – it does my heart good to see what a difference your voices made. I was aware before that helping you make your voice heard in a matter that may affect each and every one of you in the future had [...]

Perception, Deception, and Misconception.

Several weeks ago, the Daily Mail ran a story concerning two women who had ‘fleeced’ their aunt of £200,000. The Mail gleefully listed the Rolex watches and named the designer handbags the women had bought, (all those keyword hits!) before going on to complain that they were not allowed to name the women because of [...]