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Cliff Richard

The Morality Police.

The natty uniform of the Saudi ‘morality police’. Plenty of doughnut room. What is a Police Force to do with falling crime figures? Not enough murder and property theft to go round the employees? Start shedding unionised employees? Accept lower pay? Eat more doughnuts? Learn to live with the fate of the Liverpool dockers? Or [...]

Parliament reviews Investigations into Child Sex Abuse.

Lord Lexden, who used to be Alistair Cooke, a fine author and researcher before acquiring his ermine robes, rose to speak in the House of Lords on Friday. He paid homage to Carolyn Hoyle and her team who steered the voices of the ‘other’ victims of the VIP abuse ‘hunt’ – that of the falsely accused [...]

Cliff Hanger comes to an End.

Cliff Richard’s punishment for being a wealthy celebrity who chose not to marry has come to an end. Two years of the Internet and the media being given free rein to speculate and fabricate the most heinous slander is over. Until the time comes for him to die…whereupon a fresh group of allegations will surface [...]

Inventative Journalism.

Is ‘Inventative’ a word? I wasn’t sure – it suited my purposes as an alternative to ‘Investigative’ but I couldn’t find it in the dikshunary. (I do use one occasionally!) My search for the word led me down some strange paths, Tamil writers looking for the translation of ‘நிப்பிள்’ – it’s an ‘inventative nipple’ – [...]

Operation Kaddie fiddlers on the hoof…

Cliff Richard has waited 636 days to hear any substantive news regarding the allegations made against him. Almost two years. He now has to wait many months to hear whether the crown prosecution service think it is ‘in the public interest’ to air those allegations in court – should they decide to do so, it [...]

Cliff Top Caution.

‘My Generation’ – its virtually impossible to hear those words without acquiring an earworm that taunts you all day with a stuttering echo: Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin’ ’bout my generation) Yeah, I hope I die before I get old (Talkin’ ’bout my generation) That song became the theme tune encapsulating the tortured angst [...]

Batman n’ Robbin’.

There can be no sadder sight than a hot air ballon collapsing in ignominy. Speaking as someone who once spent some months working for a hot air balloon company, I know just how many hours go into stitching the brightly coloured squares of silk that become a high flying multi-coloured Saturday Swap Shop that will command [...]

Savell on Savile.

Detective Superintendent Jon Savell has finally spoken, albeit briefly. After 3 years of investigation into the allegations regarding Jimmy Savile at Duncroft, it amounts to 17 pages. 17 pages that are notable as much for what they don’t say as for what they do. Operation Yewtree recorded 11 ‘accounts of crimes’ said to have been [...]

Christianity, Feminism and Operation Yewtree.

I’m not a religious man by any means. Not in the sense of organised religion, or worship of a named ‘Higher Entity’. I don’t define myself by religion, by politics or race – people are/were generally able to spot a ‘wrong ‘un’ and deal with them. The Human Race didn’t evolve over thousands of years by [...]

The Child Abuse Band-waggon Slips Over the Cliff….

The slur-mongers – I refuse to dignify them with the term ‘moral entrepreneurs’ – who base their business model on peddling tit-bits of salacious gossip to the post-Leveson media are coming under increased scrutiny today following the universal disquiet regarding the prime-time entertainment we were offered of police officers arriving to search the home of a [...]