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Did you hear it? Friday night, around tea-time? The crunch of gears engaging, the whine of engines turning over. Perhaps you smelt the noxious diesel fumes as Sandwell Borough Council revved up their engines, lowered their gun turrets and reversed their tanks off the front lawn they have been parked on for the past 136 [...]

Erewash eyewash.

Ms Raccoon is still swishing her tail angrily in the direction of Sandwell Council, and pawing the ground impatiently at the sheer length of time it is taking to transfer Sheila Martin’s ‘file’ from the warden’s department of Sandwell Council to the Legal Services Department in the same building – who are responsible for deciding [...]

Waspish Sensibilities.

Venom courses through the veins and arteries of the main stream media today, venom, fear and loathing, of the Blogosphere. Ironically, most of the poison laden words appear in the on-line versions as well as the dead tree press – they may despise the Blogosphere, but they are too frightened of being left behind to [...]

Fighting ‘them’ on the Sandwell.

70 years ago this week, Winston Churchill made his famous speech immortalising the words ‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.’ He did so to rally every man and woman in these Isles to support the war effort: “because we have been nurtured in freedom [...]

In every grain of Sandwell, there is the story of the future…..

Fearlessly seeking cigarette ash on the streets of Sandwell. We start the week with a little humdinger from the People’s Republic of Sandwell. In 2008, Sandwell was one of only three district Councils to be awarded the lowest ‘poor’ rating by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in respect of the rubbish in [...]

Intimidation and Coercion.

This afternoon Sandra Barr published an ‘Important Press Release’ from Robert Green to his Facebook group members. As with so much of the information which emanates from Robert Green, a kernel of half truths have been nurtured into a forest of conspiracy theories and defamatory lies. Since those defamatory lies concern myself and have now [...]

Robert Green – Hollie Greig

I apologise for the length of this piece. There are a lot of facts to be laid out. I would also ask before you tell me that I have left this or that fact out that you refer to my original blog post on the subject – I have tried not to repeat myself here. [...]

Exclusive +++Nick Hogan – Without those Walls!

Nick Hogan is safely back behind bars. Not the bars which the government sought to contain him behind for failing to act as an unpaid policeman and report his customers for smoking – even when he was not on the premises to witness them to doing so – but the bars, the snug, and the [...]

Nick Hogan – Jailed over No-smoking Ban.

CURRENT TOTAL DONATED £7571.98 There has been a fair amount of comment in the blogosphere regarding the six month jail sentence given to Nick Hogan for flouting the ‘no-smoking ban’. Outrage has been duly expressed, here, there, and everywhere. Perhaps we can do better than just express outrage? Nick was actually jailed for non-payment of [...]

Robert Green

A frisson of excitement ran through the blogosphere late last night as news of Robert Green’s arrest in Aberdeen spread. The facts as they first appeared seemed electrifying, a legal advisor prevented from going about his business by a Scottish legal conspiracy? Grist to the blogosphere mill. A little digging reveals more froth on this [...]