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Autistic Meltdown.

My interest in Autism stems from my days with the Court of Protection. There is a form, a ‘CP3’, on which the GP or Consultant is invited to put ‘simply’ the reason why he thinks his ‘patient’ should have his affairs handled by – in the past the old Mental Health Act – and every [...]

Prurient Interest v. Public Interest.

Regular readers will be aware of my long standing interest in the Court of Protection. It was the Stephen Neary case, first published here, which opened the door to the ‘Transparency Pilot’ and the admission of the media to hearings of the Court of Protection – with several provisos. Not the least of which was [...]

One of Life’s Characters.

There’s many a man of the Cameron clan That has followed his chief to the field He has sworn to support him or die by his side For a Cameron never can yield. Clan Cameron is said to be one of the most ancient of Scottish clans and is described as ‘fiercer than fierceness itself’. [...]

The Rotten and Vicious Borough of Hillingdon.

From Hillsborough to Hillingdon in 24 hours. Here we go. On Tuesday, Mark Neary, Father of Steven Neary, whose battles with the rotten borough of Hillingdon I have documented many times, HERE and HERE and HERE, had an interview with the Housing Officer of Hillingdon. He needed to do so for several reasons. Mark is [...]

Portuguese Trial by Media – Graham Mitchell and the EAW.

The foetid waters surrounding the European Arrest Warrant for ‘First Degree Murder’ issued in respect of Graham Mitchell grow murkier by the minute. Late last night I received an e-mail from a prominent Portuguese journalist asking for my help to contact Graham Mitchell, it contained some potentially very interesting information. I picked up the phone [...]

Rotten Borough? – the Vicious Borough of Hillingdon.

Social Services have long memories, and a messianic distaste for having their noses tweaked by those with more power then they. Those with equally long memories will remember the case of Stephen Neary that we so successfully championed on this blog. Steven was the 20 year old autistic lad who, Hillingdon Borough Council, when presented [...]

Portuguese Men O Law

The long tentacles of the Portuguese Judiciary have reached out and wrapped themselves around another Briton. This time it is not just a name that we read in the papers, it is one of our own, a fellow blogger, indeed one of my fellow authors on this site. 20 years ago, Graham was young, free [...]

Unlawfully Detained!

Last year I reported extensively on the case of Steven Neary, a 20 year old autistic man. At the time, only Private Eye had taken any interest in Steven’s ‘case’ and a friend of his Father’s asked me if I would promote the case on this blog, given my interest in Court of Protection matters. [...]

A Day Out with the Donkey’s.

Who’d be a Sandwell borough council ratepayer? It’s an onerous condition. If you’re not having to pay to persecute elderly war widows, then you’re having to dig deep in your pocket to fund days out at the seaside for policemen and councillors. £2,000 quid was the cost of the last seaside jolly. A day on [...]

The Orwellian Present – Never Mind the Future.

‘Just off the coast of Autonomy, across the Bay of Good Intentions, lies the fog shrouded Isle of Best Interests’. If you have arrived at this blog today looked for cheer and sympathy for your woes – snow bound, central heating boiler broken down, redundancy imminent, then I am sorry for you – but you [...]