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An Unsung Hero.

Lucy Faithful was a social worker. A no nonsense, old fashioned, put-the-children-first, social worker. Not one of your idealogical got-to-have-this-Saturday-off because I’m protesting about the ‘bedroom tax’ brigade. She was so good at her job that she was elevated to the House of Lords – the first social worker to ever be so ennobled. Yeah! [...]

Was Blackmail the Reason the BBC Capitulated?

Alice, the daughter of a tobacconist, has been dating Frank, a young up and coming detective at Scotland Yard. After successfully ditching Frank one evening on a date, Alice instead meets up with a young male artist who she really wanted to be with that evening. After going up to the artist’s studio apartment, he [...]

Rigging the Deck or Kebabing Keir?

I’m not sure if the departure of a Baroness from the crap table of UK Jurisprudence the other day was expected or not. Given my own recent mutterings about the happenstance of a judge asked to conduct a BBC Inquiry into the actions of a dead man also being the same judge who had found [...]

One day ‘An eminent Lord’ – and the next – ‘A Child Sex Apologist’

Hurry up! The Bandwagons moving off again! My, oh, my – the Conspiri-loons are fair drumming their heels in the Twitter aisles this morning. Monstrous tantrums. So near the sweetie counter – and yet so far! Was it only Monday – two days ago – that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was being hailed as an ’eminent Lord’ along with [...]

Abuse of NHS Resources -The Yewtree Allegations (continued).

Another day, and more examples of where the NHS budget has gone to. Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead. 17 page report by the Director of Nursing and Quality. Operation Yewtree recorded an allegation that Savile had sexually assaulted a patient on the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (QVH) premises in the 1950’s. She specifically stated that her [...]

Mortuary Mendacity – The Yewtree Allegations (continued!)

Another day, and the claims grow ever wilder; now permeating even those parts of the media – like The Times – that you might have relied upon in the past to check their sources and report actual facts. But then with the BBC continuing to taunt the Murdoch press with never ending coverage of ‘phone hacking’, [...]

Eyeball Eyewash! – The Yewtree Allegations.

The mighty media have spoken, Savile, the country’s favourite cartoon predatory paedophile is in the dock once more. The Daily Mirror reporting: “Jimmy Savile had sex with dead bodies in mortuary, shocking hospital report reveals” Well, actually Pet, Kate Lampard’s report says that Witness N270, who worked at Broadmoor, not Leeds Infirmary, said that Savile [...]

Victimising the Victimisers.

It was all odd. Very odd. Max Clifford was never a BBC man, but rather was always employed by what the BBC would sneeringly have referred to as “the Murdoch Press”. In a bizarre collision of past and present, Max made his biggest breakthrough into the world of PR with the story of Freddie Starr [...]

Not Even Whispered It Softly?

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence”. Leonardo da Vinci. Post-Leveson, the Dead Tree Press has been keen to show that, unregulated, they can expose much wrong doing in our world that could protect us from evil. The departed Jimmy Savile has been the poster child for this movement. His name attached to unsubstantiated facts [...]

Filthy Lucre and Prurience.

After the idea of anyone under the age of 18 engaging in any form of sex, nothing excites the British quite so much as the idea of paying for sex. Paying with money that is. We have never made up our mind whether it is paying money for sex or receiving money for sex that [...]