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Cox Fighting.

Such an undignified tussle over Jo Cox’s still warm corpse.
Who can make the most mileage in their chosen campaign by invoking her name?
Will you be sending off for the ‘false flag wristband’ to show that you subscribe to the ‘she was murdered by M16 to try to stop the Referendum’.
Or will your £2 go to the ‘feminists against misogyny’ pink wristband to help prove to the world that life is inherently dangerous for women?
Perhaps it is the tasteful ‘he subscribed to a right wing magazine 20 years ago so obviously a fascist’ black and gold number?
Or maybe it is the rare but still available ‘Jo knew who killed Jill Dando and was about to spill the beans’ with attached #CSA charm?
If nothing has appealed to you so far, you could snap up the ‘Evil Tory government have cut mental health care and this is what happens’ black and white number.
How about the ‘Jo nominated Jeremy Corbyn for leader’ factional ‘Labour for metro-luvvies’ band?
Or the ‘She was on that boat with that millionaire Bob Geldorf sneering at fishermen the day before….’ band made from genuine fish-gut?
There are a few ‘Female MPs get death threats on Twitter and Jo was no exception – this shows what happens when you don’t ban Twitter’ grey and pink bands left.
If you are of a more international bent, you could join the gun lobby nuts in the US who would like you to retweet that ‘even in a country where guns are banned, politicians still get killed’.
You could wear a ‘Palestinian heart’ on your sleeve and point to Jo’s long campaign to bring more Syrian refugees into the country, and how their plight is all the fault of the Israelis.
Or you could, you really, really could, if you tried very hard, remember that Jo was not the only woman who died yesterday.
Other women, and men (they mattered too), died from road accidents, illness and criminal acts – and they all left behind grieving families, motherless and fatherless children, and their pain is no more and no less than that of Jo’s family.
You could even leave Jo to rest amongst their anonymous ranks for a few days, just until she grows cold and is decently buried, before you make her an icon for your chosen cause.
Just saying, like.
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Jo Cox MP

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