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Intimidation and Coercion.

This afternoon Sandra Barr published an ‘Important Press Release’ from Robert Green to his Facebook group members.
As with so much of the information which emanates from Robert Green, a kernel of half truths have been nurtured into a forest of conspiracy theories and defamatory lies.
Since those defamatory lies concern myself and have now been broadcast to his entire 27.000 strong Face book group, I intend to set the record straight.
The purpose of disseminating the information concerning myself was, we are told, a retaliatory action because of something neither carried out by me nor endorsed by me. The Press Release is clearly preceded by the words ‘no action required at present’. The clear threat implied by those words is that the information contained in the press release will be needed if members of the group are required to take ‘direct action’ in the future.
I will not be intimidated by these tactics. No blogger should be.
Unlike Mr Green, I have always linked to my sources in order that readers are able to make up their own minds regarding my articles. I will continue to do so.
The passage in the Press Release concerning myself is as follows:
In another strange coincidence on the same day, Mr Greg Lance-Watkins, owner of the self-appointed Hollie Greig website, has now been exposed as a UK government agent, hence his rant of today, June 4th http://www.facebook.com/l/e4bc4;stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ see pdf. Both he and Anna Raccoon, fellow blogger (real name Susanne Nundy nee Blackie), worked at the Court of Protection see email address susannenundy@chcourtofprotection.co.uk view “Links to Old Scholars’ Pages” http://www.facebook.com/l/e4bc4;oldscholars.info/links.htm Is this a coincidence? Also ex-employee of the Lord Provosts Dept. Does she come from Scotland? Another coincidence? We don’t think so. Since Anne and Hollie’s address has been divulged on http://www.facebook.com/l/e4bc4;stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ by Mr Watkins, it seems fair that we should reciprocate the compliment. Susanne Nundy nee Blackie (Anna Raccoon), now lives at
Rue de l’Ancienne Poste,
Issigeac 24560
I am not aware that Mr Lance-Watkins ever worked at the Court of Protection. Certainly not in my time. To the best of my knowledge this claim is untrue – though Mr Lance Watkins would be best placed to confirm or deny this.
No. I did not work ‘at’ the Court of Protection. I was Lord Chancellor’s Visitor for Wales. I worked in conjunction with the Court of Protection and the Public Trustee.
No. The e-mail address given is not and has never been a genuine e-mail address. It has been lifted from the mailing list of a school I attended almost 50 years ago and still contains the spam avoidance filters.
No. I am not an ex-employee of the Lord Provosts Dept. I have never worked for any government office in Scotland, nor in any other public or private capacity in Scotland.  The legal system in Scotland is not the same as the legal system in England.
Yes, my grandfather was Scottish.
Yes. Susanne Nundy is my correct name – however my maiden name is Cameron-Blackie.
No, that is not my current address although it is a property that I did own.
Already since this press release has gone out I have received e-mails such as this:
[…]Also, I am coming to believe theres support from your quarter and Watkins quarter in deriding this case because YOU ARE PAEDOPHILES YOURSELVES OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE WHILST WORKING FOR THE COURT OF PROTECTION WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE PUBLIC ABOUT PAEDOPHILIA WHICH HAS BEEN KEPT QUIET AND OUT OF PUBLIC SCRUTINY, meaning that paedophiles were exposed AND NOT PROSECUTED.[…]

First of all the Court of Protection has no conceivable connection with the prosecution of paedophiles. It was until long after I left concerned solely with the financial and legal affairs of those with limited mental capacity.
Secondly, the person responsible for this malicious intimidation may or may not be aware that I live in France and blog under an assumed name as a result of having been stalked and assaulted by a particularly dangerous and violent mental patient. The consequences of even the limited amount of correct information which has been published about me tonight are profound, and for that reason both the English and the French police have had to be involved. Their response has been magnificent and heart warming. This in turn may well have consequences beyond my control. They are totally the responsibility of the person who decided to hit back at Mr Lance-Watkins by ‘outing’ me.
The Internet has become a dangerous world. As a Libertarian I do not wish to see it regulated. I trust all honest bloggers will join with me in condemning those who give the government sound reason to want to impose restrictions on what can and cannot be said on the Internet.
Comments are open, however two of the most notorious members of Mr Green’s Facebook group will find that their comments go directly into moderation and I will only release those comments which contain no libel or defamation.
Intimidation only works if the victim is prepared to be intimidated.
I am not.

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