“The Daily Speculation” and “The Alarmist Times”.

I’m starting to count the number of times that the early morning news contains the words ‘The Prime Minister will tell business leaders today’ or ‘George Osborne is expected to announce'; I’m counting as a means of stopping myself hurling things at the radio or television. There are only so many times a week you can […]

July 27, 2015

Milk Marketing.

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A reader of this parish, a blissfully content new grandfather, which makes a change from his usual curmudgeonly, contrarian, argumentative self, in between making coochy-coo noises and blowing bubbles at his new granddaughter, decided to do something practical towards the smooth running of the junior dynastic household. He would pay for the first month’s supply […]

July 26, 2015

The Raccoon Arms Jukebox

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They’re coming to take it away ha-ha, hee-hee, boo-hoo. Yes, the Raccoon Arms Jukebox has spun its last scratchy disc. It has expired. It is an ex-jukebox. It has served us well. Many is the time a heated debate has come perilously close to fisticuffs, only for the mood to be abruptly improved by the […]

July 25, 2015

As We Were Saying Earlier…

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Whilst a Victorian bride was expected to be as white as a Persil bed-sheet hanging from the suburban washing line when she was led up the aisle, her husband was expected to be a little more worldly-wise regarding pleasures of the flesh. Those most masculine of trades, the Army and Navy, catered for his pre-marital urges […]

July 24, 2015

Red Flags in the Sunset

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Most of you probably didn’t notice, but a new Liberal Democrat leader was elected this week. You remember the Lib Dems, don’t you? They used to form a small and stubborn little pocket in the last government; they were the political equivalent of bondage trousers, hindering the Tories from taking the great strides forwards that […]

July 23, 2015

Trumps, Tramps, and Trims, and Peeping at Tom’s.

Trumps. What Donald Trump actually said: “I like Mexico, I love the Mexican people, I do business with Mexico,” he said. “But you have people coming through the border who are from all over and they’re bad, they’re really bad … We have people coming in and I’m not just talking Mexicans, who are killers, […]

July 22, 2015

Between a Rock and a Hard Face

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Once upon a time, there was a Princess much beloved by the people, one who bemoaned the persistence of press intrusion until she wanted to showcase an exclusive couture outfit at a movie premiere or plug a charity she was sponsoring. The press responded by reporting what she wanted them to report, but also what […]

July 21, 2015

Tag-Tag-Tagging Along.

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Adaptability might be the best way to describe how Google remains the top search engine in the world. As SEOs learn how to manipulate the system, Google constantly changes it. New technology arrives – social media – Google adapts and integrates it into the algorithms to increase relevancy. Google is constantly watching, analysing, and evolving […]

July 20, 2015

The Filth and The Fuehrer

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Viewing the past through the prism of the present is slowly becoming accepted practice. At one end of the scale, we have the conspiracy industry that has now turned its attention away from the JFK assassination and UFOs onto the baby-eating, Satanic-abusing, kiddie-fiddling secret societies of which every 1970s BBC children’s TV presenter, politician and […]

July 19, 2015

School’s Out For Summer

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Yesterday’s post (and for those of you with short memories, it was the one about weekends) anticipated some of what I’d intended for this one, especially in some of the comments it spawned. One opined that the beginnings of the six-week school summer holiday, tying-in as they did with the old agricultural calendar that required […]

July 18, 2015