The Party’s Over

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If the contentious Joint Enterprise law applied to politics, the Liberal Democrats would be the luckless juvenile looking at a decade behind bars because he happened to be a member of a gang present when somebody else in that gang committed a murder, in the wrong place at the wrong time yet in possession of […]

May 20, 2015

It started in America…!

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And like everything from US Marines, to Global financial meltdown – for sure it will arrive on our shores eventually. I find it a horrifying prospect. I went in search of further information on a snippet I had read – and three days later I must have read close on a quarter of a million […]

May 19, 2015

The Pen Vs The Sword

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One of the first moves of a regime averse to criticism is to imprison or ‘liquidate’ its critics; traditionally, these tend to be political opponents, a tradition Mr Putin is proudly upholding in Russia at the moment. However, artists and intellectuals who have a frustrating habit of masking their criticisms in allegorical ambiguity are also […]

May 18, 2015

The Sunday Post: In A Broken Dream

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To the eyes of any visiting alien, the Heygate Estate in London’s Elephant and Castle could be mistaken for an ancient ruin on a par with Pompeii – a crumbling monument to a deceased civilisation. In some respects that’s exactly what it is, for few councils would countenance social housing on such a spectacular scale […]

May 17, 2015

The 25 Hour News and The King is Dead

The death of Blues guitarist BB King at the age of 89 yesterday didn’t just mark the end of a life or even a career of impressive longevity; it severed the last remaining link with the roots of the twentieth century’s most innovative, explosive and enjoyable cultural revolution. Without BB King and his fellow Blues […]

May 16, 2015

The Prince of Wince.

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Did you ever fight your way to the front of the lucky dip stall, bag your prize, and then realise you had beaten off all contenders – to the booby prize? The Guardian must be feeling the same way today. Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of top flight barristers, arguing arcane points of law, later – […]

May 15, 2015

A Grateful Nation

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It’s certainly easier to take criticism and absorb advice if it comes from someone who knows what they’re talking about, someone whose knowledge of the subject under discussion inspires respect for their opinion. On the odd unfortunate occasion when I’ve been exposed to Simon Cowell passing judgement, I’ve wondered if the wannabe about to burst […]

May 14, 2015

Farage Farceur.

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Apologies for the tired alliteration by way of post title, I couldn’t think of anything else. I wanted to write about Farage’s ‘Dammit Thanet’ moment; just why did he lose? Or rather, what did his opponent have to offer that was so radically different, and more appealing, that it seduced a large chunk of Thanet […]

May 13, 2015

And The Winner Is…

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Back in the pre-deregulated broadcasting era, British TV was awash with home-grown beauty contests, not just the Miss United Kingdom finale, but the qualifying tournament as well, which was spread over all the old regional ITV companies. Every now again, footage is excavated for cheap laughs on a clips show and we get to see […]

May 12, 2015

Release the Hounds

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Nelson may have said that England expects every man to do his duty, but whereas an act of self-sacrifice for the good of one’s country may be a noble gesture at a time of war, when it comes to a peacetime polling booth, self-interest plays a more decisive part in the thought processes than considerations […]

May 11, 2015