The Kiev Chickens Coming Home to Roost.

Ukraine was once the 3rd largest bearer of nuclear weapons in the World, after the U.S. and Russia. This all changed with an agreement to scrap all its nuclear weapons in 1992. By 1996 Ukraine was free from nuclear weapons. Let us not forget that those weapons were not just held in the Ukraine, they were made in […]

March 26, 2014

The Idiotic Ideology of the Hypocritical NHS.

If you are of a squeamish disposition, best you push off now. Come back another day. Not all of us can live in a fluffy dream with a happy ending, some are chosen to face reality. I have been delving into aspects of the NHS that I had never researched before – frankly it never […]

March 25, 2014

All a’ Twitter.

You have to love Twitter. ‘Tis s truly wondrous playground; twixt the indiscrete selfies, the pussies displayed in adventurous poses, (calm down at the back, the catz, the catz…..) the hysterical hair-pulling and insult brandishing mutually balanced by the embarrassing hero worship of those who’ve said what you wanted to hear, there are occasional nuggets […]

March 24, 2014

Fred’s Dead!

But there will be no funeral. Surely you have to have a funeral? No, actually. The law only says you must dispose of the body of the person who has died ‘by burial, cremation or any other means’ – if you are opting for burial, that means consecrated ground and that means entanglement with the established church. […]

March 23, 2014

Ritual Humiliation and ‘Mini’ Clifford.

Empty vessels aren’t the only ones that make a lot of noise; a broken one can fair ring down the ages too. It doesn’t require great skill to smash a pottery vessel, but breaking up the resulting shards of clay is near impossible, as the ancient Romans Greeks!, and many an archaeologist, has discovered. The Romans Greeks […]

March 19, 2014

‘International Clitoris Awareness Day’ – and ‘Adopt a Clitoris’.

Have you done your bit for the ‘dark continent’ and adopted an African clitoris yet? Shame on you. They are an endangered species you know. The Clitorii, not Africans. Down on the border with war-torn Mali, in what used to be known as Upper Vulva Volta, lies Burkina Faso. As Lonely Planet says: ‘How many […]

March 18, 2014

Marbles or No Marbles?

A quick perusal of the Sunday Times this morning has sent Ms Raccoon’s brains scrambling off in hot pursuit of another weird saga in her chequered past. Basil Wainwright! I struggled to even retrieve the name, mercifully buried beneath layers of happier memories. Back in early 1980, before I had escaped the relative peace of […]

March 16, 2014

Left Foot in the Circle…

One of the more curious aspects of the silence maintained by the vociferous voices we now hear shouting about Governmental inactivity and  suppression of ‘facts’ to the detriment of ‘vulnerable victims’, is the preponderance of them that appear to align themselves with the politics of previous incumbents – those 13 long years of Labour rule. […]

March 15, 2014

“Forgive Us Our Press Passes”.

100 Years ago, the daily circulation of The Times was around 5,000. Today it is nearer the 400,000 mark. You might imagine that the ‘product’ was doing something right – it was once, but today the readers are sadly disillusioned. The ‘Thunderer’ has become the ‘Whimperer’ in the hands of spiky haired young men in […]

March 14, 2014

An explanation regarding the issue of anonymity and civil claims against the Savile estate.

The Trust and beneficiaries came into conflict with Natwest in its role as executor and personal representative of the Savile.  In particular the Trust – which was named in the will as the residual beneficiary of the estate and would have included intended bequests to charities such as Help for Heroes object to the way […]

March 12, 2014