The Small Silver Screen

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Summer 2014 is one of those occasional moments when those who resent their licence fee being squandered on sport get rather hot under the collar. As well as the annual Wimbledon fortnight dominating schedules, we also have the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the Tour de France kicking-off in the unlikely environs of Leeds, […]

July 12, 2014

Cool Brittan-ia.

You know how it feels when somebody gives you a thick dossier and thirty or forty years later someone asks you where you put it, and you just cannot remember… Infuriating isn’t it. It was there just 10,000 days ago, but now… It’s like it never existed! What? That has never happened to you? Ho […]

July 11, 2014

Who’s Got the Bottle?

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I am sure many Raccoonistas share concerns about the amount of State surveillance. The same may be said of the Daily Mail. But both have their uses from time to time. Last year a 23 year old student from the United States called  Francesco Hounye had been in London for just three days when he […]

July 10, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25 Hour News.

James Rothbard on ‘Rolf Harris – Beyond Reasonable doubt’. Retarded Kingdom and 20 years of sabotage. The latest ‘celebrity historic sex abuse’ trial bites the dust. Not guilty. How come the Main Stream Media isn’t reporting this? The start of the new term at the EU kindergarten…. Ex-diplomat joins the bun fight over Elm Guest […]

July 5, 2014

Nigerian Reality and the Internet.

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Back in the Seventeenth century, Oya was the ‘capital emplacement’ of a group of west African tribes that had a common language – Yoruba. We can’t really call Oya the capital city, because that would imply that it was the residence of just one ruler – and the Yoruba speaking people had many dynastic families. Oya […]

July 4, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25-Hour News.

25 Hour news by Victoria Lucas.   Madame Arcati mourns Richard Ingrams. Cardiff’s ‘Panini’ Wall of fame: honour for park footballers. Retarded kingdom on the death of Cool. The good old days – when journalists went to prison for telling lies…. Game Old Girl takes a measured approach to the costs of the hacking trial. Craig Murray […]

June 28, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and The 25 Hour News Service.

The 25 Hour News; a new feature by the incomparable VictoriaLucas. The End of an Era – the very last ‘Exposure’ spoof by Victoria Lucas. The best of them all. And on the 18th day, did Call Me Ishmael rise again and rant forth. Lovestruck Hague and Dame Angelina by Capitalists at Work. My favourite […]

June 21, 2014

A Matter of F.A.C.T Part 3

Setting the scene – Bryn Estyn and North Wales care home allegations; anatomy of a Witch Hunt? I’m sorry if this is a bit long and dry, but I wanted to put some later comments in a proper context. Here, in outline is the continuing story of North Wales Care Home Abuse scandal.  Beginnings   […]

June 8, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

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The ‘aiming firmly at the False Allegators’ Edition.   Moor Larkin and the collapse of the main allegations in the original and never broadcast ‘Newsnight’. Rabbitaway and a call for witnesses – please heed! The cost of Operation Yewtree so far. Protection of Children hampered by lack of money. No money to support those who adopt […]

June 7, 2014

All Cats Not So Grey in the Dark.

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The notion that sex in some circumstances is degrading harks back to ideas of racial purity, eugenics even. Some sexual acts can be degrading, both to men and women – but it is never the act that moral campaigners refer to as degrading – it is the circumstances preceding it, and those partaking of the […]

June 3, 2014