‘Raccoon! Ahoy!’

It is that time of the year again. The next scan is looming, Ms Raccoon is within touching distance (next Wednesday!) of her latest goal (to make it to 68!) and a suitable adventure had to be found to mark this milestone. The excursion on the Lord Nelson was such a memorable disaster that I wasn’t […]

May 29, 2016

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

Mr ‘G’ Edition… “That type of misjudgment is not to be expected of seasoned journalists and is bound to tarnish the program’s world-wide reputation for credible reportage”. The Australian hack outfit that made the ghastly 60 minutes programme on ‘VIP Paedophiles’ believes it has a reputation for ‘credible reportage’… Roy Greenslade on the national newspapers […]

May 28, 2016

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

Bears in Woods edition… Alison Saunders lets the Police into a little secret as the CPS disappear under a pile of 267 files…. Hard to follow that one, but a worthy attempt by Moor Larkin who discovers that Dame Smith dismissed 34 of Leisha’s claims of sexual abuse by various men for ‘lack of evidence’ – […]

May 14, 2016

Open Thread – National Limerick Day.

This could be a day opportune, To bring you the news from ‘Raccoon’, She’s taken off for the pool, Which she does as a rule, On Thursdays she turns herself ‘prune’…   Do your worst in the comments! The wrinkled old bat will be back tonight.

May 12, 2016

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

The Sacred Androgen: The Transgender Debate. A long read – but well worth the effort, beautifully written – by Daniel Harris. Transvestite Vicar Ghost in Interwar England. By coincidence, Beachcomber explores the Victorian version! Disadvantaged defendants and torn prosecutors: the impact of falling legal aid eligibility in the magistrates court by Fiona Bowden. “Now everybody […]

May 7, 2016

‘Waiting for Goddard…’

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Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Waiting for Godot‘ was famously described as ‘a theoretical impossibility—a play in which nothing happens, that yet keeps audiences glued to their seats’. ‘Waiting for Goddard’ is fast acquiring the same sense of existentialist absurdity that passes for compassion in our complex world. The media are waiting for Goddard so that they […]

March 22, 2016

Feminists fail to turn a Trick over Jesus’ Cock.

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Where is Germaine Greer when you need her? Radegund was quite a gal – born in 520, daughter of a King of Thuringia, she was brought up in a household of warring murderous brothers fit to rival the Borgias. Eventually she was married off to one of the family – but when the last of […]

March 13, 2016

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

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Washing machine magnates and Ukuleles – the bizarre David Bowie route to stardom! Manchester Barrister Jaime Hamilton details an ‘Epic Fail’ from the Ministry of Justice. ‘Mom’ takes two year old daughter to Monster Jam event, where she can learn how to shoot real guns…buys her a soft pink truck…which she claims contains a secret code […]

March 12, 2016

Just say ‘No’.

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*Yawn*. Apologies once again for my absence. Ms Raccoon has once more been stress testing the NHS, Keeping Mr G on his toes, resolving to return to my previous diet of salmon and rice as being the only food acceptable to my new French plumbing system. The combination of the ‘envy of the world’ and British […]

March 8, 2016

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading.

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Justice Edition…. Avoids £89,246.33 court costs – affords £89,950 BMW sports car. Justice, Briscoe style. Barrister Blogger’s expert dissection of the Andrew Picard case – otherwise known as 100,000 idiots petition the Attorney=General to do something the law doesn’t allow him to do…… The Secret Barrister lets rip at the BBC for complaining about ‘killers’ […]

March 5, 2016