Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25-Hour News.

The Archdruid reports on the Buffalo Winds. John Band on Clacton – the whitest place in the UK! Panorama narrows its focus. Lucy Reed on Deprivation of Liberty. Jacob Wheeler with a collection (scroll down!) of articles on how US special forces are now operating in virtually every continent. Eric Hardcastle on the fatuous ‘International […]

October 4, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25-Hour News.

Feminist Nirvana for £80 a day by Laura Perrins. Clive Bates and the ethics of deceiving people with false information. Damian McBride talks Balls. Moor Larkin continues his exhaustive examination of the Leeds General report – and finally tracks down the one and only time the word mortuary is used – you would never have known […]

September 27, 2014

One Man and His Shed.

I needed to open a can of treacle today. Mr G was off in the middle distance, roaring up and down the field on his tractor; the man who cut the hay had had a wobble mid field, and the resulting bend in his perfect tram lines offended him bitterly. No chance of attracting his […]

September 14, 2014

On Bankruptcy and Miracles

This is a very personal post. So trust me that although I have changed certain salient details for various reasons, the essential crux of the facts are true. In fact, the full story is a bit more dramatic and unhappy than needs to be told. This week I chose to go bankrupt. Or rather, I […]

September 8, 2014

A l’Eau, C’est l’Heure

Dear Blog, Thank-you for being here, you are such a comfort to me. There I was, minding my own business, as one does when one has an Important Man Doing A Professional Job Around Your House. Especially when it is a French artisan. Especially when you have waited weeks for him to turn up and […]

September 5, 2014

Ms Raccoon regrets…

You got up far too late today to catch sight of the Raccoon – she was up and away, on her travels again, before you even put the kettle on… Once the good Doctors of Bordeaux had finished rebuilding me, and I am now duly undersealed, bored out, valves reseated, and have passed my MOT – […]

September 1, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25-Hour News.

Daniel Acheampong on the Death Penalty. An old post from MRDA – but worth reading for a superb rant on the Twitter mob. JuliaM on the sad results of the police taking action to remove vulnerable young girls from harm’s way – and the resulting liberal backlash. SepticIsle on ‘Victims today – undesirables tomorrow‘. Moor […]

August 30, 2014

Rejoice! The End of the Witch-hunt is Nigh!

Perfidy of an ex-cop snake, In the caldron boil and bake; Matron’s stories told defy the truth, Gropes remember’d from their youth, Liz Dux’ ego, and Meirion’s sting,— For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Gall of Spindler, and slips of Yewtree Sliver’d in BSkyB’s eclipse; Nose of Murdoch, and […]

August 29, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25-Hour News.

Frank Davis on Trivial Worries.  Madame Arcati and Mrs Dale’s Dowry line up the latest designer handbags for a duel. Mrs Dale responds….. Justin Gau with a damning indictment of the Prosecution’s behaviour in sexual abuse cases. My Daft Life on Katrina Percy and the ‘NHS Leadership Academy‘. Kickass Cookies on how millions of Americans […]

August 23, 2014

Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading and the 25-Hour News.

Dioclese on ‘Off the Wall’ Bloggers. Exinjuria on ‘Bad Character Evidence‘. ‘Newgate News’ for a round up of the latest entrants in the Darwin awards. ‘How to be a Complete Bastard’ on Patronising Feminism. ‘Duff and Nonsense’ on ‘HillBilly’ as weapon of destruction….  

August 16, 2014