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Risk – The Dirty War for Europe’s integrity and Soul

When I was a young man I used to play a strategy board game called “Risk”. It involved concentrating armies of various sizes represented by little plastic pieces a big map of the world and then trying to concentrate them and overcome your opponents pieces by having the overwhelming numbers at the right place with […]

July 6, 2014

Hacked Off?

So, Rebekah Brooks walks free. I am delighted. Now, I don’t want anyone to imagine I am biased in this matter. Just because I have always had a predilection for Titian haired beauties who have, from time to time, enlivened my life (and caused associated mayhem). No, no, no! I am not in the least […]

June 24, 2014

World Cup Mayhem

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The Quidditch World Cup or something has come to the Abbey, and in some style. Leave aside all naked FIFA corruption, the riots and the general unpleasant side of the ‘beautiful game’, the tournament is up and running.  Now, I am not much of a footie man. I quite like a bit of international egg […]

June 15, 2014

D-Day Reflections

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70 years ago today, at about the young 9.00 am on June 6th 1944, the young man with a “Tommy” gun on the right of the photograph above was feeling sea sick and very scared.  He could see the flash of gunfire on the beach ahead, and there were shells landing among and striking some […]

June 6, 2014

A Matter of F.A.C.T. – Witch Hunts Old And New?

Unusually, last weekend I attended two events which involved a degree of socialising. One was a professional related spring party where I drank tap water and behaved with almost (but not quite) complete propriety. The other was the F.A.C.T. spring conference facilitated by Dr. Ros Burnett at the Centre for Criminology at Oxford University, where […]

May 25, 2014

The Old Curiosity Shop.

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On a cold and rather miserable spring day just over two years ago I was sitting in a coffee shop in a rather pretty village in the Pennines. I was tired and rather low. I had been working rather hard that week, up in the North East. I had been doing an intense and stressful […]

May 18, 2014